this is me

this is me
this is me

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

this week

i am seriously considering playing poker this week,where, i dunno, but my guess would be blackpool. thursday or friday, maybe the new sunday £75 comp, but i'm itching for a game

Monday, 29 March 2010

fight club

went out for the first time in ages on thursday, and can't believe i ended up chinning some guy in a pub. i went out with a friend of mine Patrick. he is in fact, a very good friend, who has a habit of getting me work. so ended up sinking several large ones and getting in a pub fight?

good idea for a post, fight club. i will expand on that later

Sunday, 28 March 2010

the 3 ages of awareness

my daughter and her little girl, have been living with me for several months now. Mia is 2 years old, and is the apple of my eye. i spend a lot of time with her, and enjoy taking her with me where ever i may go. at her age, she could not care less, if she eats chocolate or yogurt, she sleeps when she is tired,she drinks when thirsty, she does not have a care in the world.

sometime between now and age 5/6 all this will change. she will decide she does not like ???? carrots, or maybe cheese. she will choose not to brush her teeth.she will begin to take control of her own destiny,day by day she will have less need to be looked after, until she eventually breaks free, hopefully that will be in her mid twenties. until then, i will look after her, and all my grandchildren, in a way i never managed to do with my own kids. i seem to have more time for them these days.

the next age of awareness hit me aged around 37+, now i know for some people this may seem late on in life to become aware of your own mortality, but i was busy, enjoying life.the fact is, i sat there, or stood, and it suddenly dawned on me,40 years from now, i will probably be sort of changes your outlook, espesially if like me, you do not believe in the afterlife.

decided some time ago, i could not save the world, even though i would like to, so it was time to do the wish list.............
get fancy car
pull page 3 bird
earn a million(almost)
do Vegas
ski the ultimate black run
live happily ever after
eat at the best restaurants
royal ascot
look after mum
do extreme good deed
9/10 aint to bad

now its time to do another list, becoming an septra generic will be top of the list, anything into octogenerics and i'm free rolling.

thats two, and i'm not sure what the third age will be,but i'm sure its in the post


looking at the new schedual,blackpool G casino seems the place to be right now.maxine doing a great job

Saturday, 27 March 2010


nice double for today

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

quote of the day

does compensation ever compensate?

once bitten

many moons ago, i was after nailing this bird. she was mint, and not at all a tart(not that their is owt wrong with tarts) and caught every mans eye. the fact i was on a break from the wife at the time, along with my insatiable appetite for female company(this hole gets deeper) meant i had to make my move, which i did, only to be rejected (but in a nice way). she ended up marrying one of my best friends, which made me very happy tbh. i get on with them both like a house on fire

she maintains, i never stood a chance, and to be fair, they guy she married, is a true diamond, so i'm glad i did not stand a chance. it seems she only ever had eyes for him,however,the final nail in the coffin, had come long before i had made my move, or even before my mate had, in the form of an horny old shit stirring bastard called george. he apparently told her, i was no good, i was only after one thing(he was right there)i was a chancer, you will never know if you're comin or goin, steer clear of that rutter. i have no idea if this swayed her decision, and never will,tbh, i think she was pre destined.the fact that my pal george, was going around slandering me, did however, come a as a surprise.

george in his day, was a womaniser and took no shit, i thought we were mates. he was 20 years my senior, yet we still went out. i allowed him into my circle.........
waddamistakatomaka. this was many moons ago, i don't let my guard down these days, my circle of friends can be counted on one hand

Monday, 22 March 2010

mr mitchell

welcome paddy, you are the 3000th visitor, i am guessing. the site meter is at the bottom of the page. of course you win the booby prize

Sunday, 21 March 2010

premier league

looking at the run in, arsenal are the premier champs. not phil brown has gone, i dont want hull to go down, but it looks clear, dingles and hull are down with pompey

champions league

watched barcalona the other night, they were fantastic, the team ooooozes class. messi looked unstoppable, they are by right the favs to win the CL.inter milan have a few top names in the squad to, i thought schnider was quality. but its not all about the players, it takes a great manager, and jose is the man. his tactics verses chelsea, were spot on, i think at 4/1 they are well worth a punt. they will brush CSk aside, then the world is his lobster


if the low life traitor gary nevile, ever steps foot in liverpool, it will be fisticuffs. he would be skinned alive, and i think he deserves to be. he clearly suffers from a mental illness, and should be put out of his misery. he continually attempts to insight a riot

Friday, 19 March 2010


cheryl cole, hmmmmm

average looks,
can't sing,
can't hold a good man down.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

quote of the day

trust your instincts


fancy a bet.

are a nice double

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

quote of the day

punctuality is a sign of respect

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


only if you are desparate for a wager...

stirling albion
£1 win on each
also think chelsea will power through

Saturday, 13 March 2010

its all about control

shop a terrorist, its a racist birthday. what a fucking idiot idea. it will cause more ill feelings between white and black communities. its another way big brother can get into your home.
what a crazy world we live in

Thursday, 11 March 2010

its all about control

As little as 10 years ago, diesel and unleaded petrol were the same price – 63.3p per litre. Thanks to a combination of inflation, exorbitant tax and rising world oil prices, we can only dream of the days when fuel was that cheap, but it raises an important question – why is diesel more expensive than petrol today? Also, in the majority of European countries diesel is cheaper than petrol, so why do UK motorists have to pay more?
why are prices rising, why do we take it? The mega rich oil barons, can never spend what they make in one day, so why put the prices up. can you imagine, how much more money you would have in your pocket today, if we went back to 1988's price-37p per litre? it would save me £35+ a week... £150 a month...£2000 a year.

if the government let the commoners have to much money to spend, what will happen?it is a conspiracy

fooball review

just seen that sniveling toerag garry neville giving an interview, just wanna punch him. i dislike him for the following....does he not know the words of the national anthem? this dog turd never sang when he played for his country. his unhealthy hatred for scousers. watch him change his tune when he retires.

real madrid
what has happened? the unthinkable. they spent £200m and are also rans in the CL

i know they weren't playing barca, but they did put in a good performance, and arsens faith in bentner seems justified. premiership, CL ? double? or also rans once again

the massiah
i honestly believe, jose morinhio will return to england in the summer. he has several options.
chelsea, unlikely, abromovich will surely go for continuity, he can't lose face, or can he?
man utd, mutual respect from both sides, sir alex gives me the impression he has a soft spot for jose, natural replacement. may be in a couple more years
arsenal, seem to love arsen, and visa-versa, he will leave feet first
liverpool???? are my guess, made to measure for jose, a sleeping giant, who would be given immortality if he takes the job

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

alpine advert

what quality advertising it is, makes me lick my lips

uk manufacturing

about six years back, i was offered a set of callaway golf clubs,with driver,putter,bag,woods and other bits and bobs. they looked like brand new, and i was told they were. at my local golf club, this full set would cost just short of £1500 and i had been offered them for £90. in fact, if i wanted another 20 sets, i could have them slightly cheaper???????????????????????????????????????????????

they had been imported from china,and to the best of my knowledge were superb replicas. rumour had it, the Chinese had bought some callaway tooling, and could make the stuff better??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

all i know is, it was the beginning of the end. i have seen.................. doors,cars,cd's,clothes,ironing boards,toilets you name it, all being shipped over, at a fraction of the cost we can make them for. unless you have been to the moon, you will have noticed businesses going under in the uk. we simply cannot compete.if you are employed in the public sector, arms, or the service industry, your jobs are safe.but if your company is manufacturing...start retraining now, because things can go only one way.

i know from my own experience, work is scarce, i am thinking of moving away. the companies i was dealt with are importing for less than they can make the stuff for, and why not. so anyone with a good job, let me know???????????????/

boxing hall of fame

1 george forman
2 ali
3 smokin joe
4 duran
5 tyson
6 joe lewis
7 paquio
8 lennox lewis
9 sugar ray
10 .......................

sporting greats

1 1990 world cup semi final
20 years have gone, but remember it like it was yesterday, what could have been?so near yet so far. i recall watching the game alone, then running out after the game to hide my GTI, i had a feeling german cars were gonna get a hammering.

2 senna's death
1994 i think? i sat there open mouthed, i saw his head tilt to the right and i knew it was over. the crash did not look as bad as some, but it took imo the greatest F1 talent from us all

3 sea the stars.
his arc win was the pinicle, will this horse ever be bettered

4 bolt
this is the only Olympic event i have any interest in, he has not peaked yet. could we see a sub 9.5 in our lifetime. yes but not by bolt, its asking to much. he is the dogs bollox imo

5 federa
what a pleasure to witness the greatest of all time,the ghost of bjorg is gone.any slip ups by nadal, and he could win 20 slams

6 clough
winning 1 european cup was unthinkable, winning his second in 1980 put him in the history books, and proved he was one of the greatest managers of all time.idiosyncratic, does not descride him one bit

7 the ashes 81
wilis brierly and botham,wow! if carlsberg made test matches

8 dessie(desert orchid)
how would this wonder horse have fared against arkle? for me, he would have won his fair share

9 ali
the rumble, and the thrilla. two of the greatest fights in history. entertainment at its best

10 rovers
the 91 play off final. nuff said

gratuitous ttt

top ten totty. in this order. if you aint made the list, you're out

1 audrey hepburn
numero uno by a country mile,bit skinny, but as close to perfection as you can get.
2 beyonce
jz, you lucky lucky boy. she ooozes sexuality, even without makeup
3 deborah harry
in her day, she would blow you away
4 monroe
say no more
5 anna kornikova
always wanted a tennis guru, she fits the bill
6 cameron diaz
hear shes a bit spotty? just love the way she moves
7 angelina
she can chew me up, and spit me out as often as she like's..move over brad
8 fergie
she can meet me half way, or all the way
9 kate moss
simply because she is nutz
10 rachell
the top totty off countdown

Monday, 8 March 2010

top 10 tv

1 only fools
if i am alive in 500 years time, they will still be showing repeats of this classic' a true genius, del-boy

2 friends?
why i don't know, but i promised never to watch this daft show, i am now hooked

3 the goodlife
70s suburbia at its best

4 scrubs
never bores me, it has it all, emotion wise

5 this life
blew my mine, unequalled in its day, but it had its day. non classic, but copied

6 star trek the next generation
roddenberry's attempt to guide the human race, to a better place

7 the simpsons
if you don't see the irony, you need irony glasses

8 porridge.
norman stanley fletcher............

9 yes minister.
could this be any closer to the truth

10 top gear.
gezza is da man

top 10 films

in no specific order.....
1 goodfellas.
the classic,timeless mob film. this film has the lot. based on a true story, its the ultimate.
2 casablanca.
love,war,romance,tretory,music? classic film
3 big.
just one i watched over and over. not into fantasy flicks usually, but this will stand the test of time
4 matrix trilogy
some take this to serious, i enjoy it for what it was, and still is
5 preditor 2.
the first film aint bad, but this blows it away
6 kill bil(both)
uma thurman gives me a hard on, the violence is superb
7 pulp fiction.
had to give this film some thought, it took some working out, but i like that. just wish i knew what was in the suitcase? answers on a postcard
8 cool hand luke.
this guy reminds me of someone(lol) i could repeat every line, probably. timeless
9 trainspotting.
danny boyle at his best, got the hots for the school girl. its a life i have seen, from outside the goldfish bowl
10 eyes wide shut.
had to put a nicole kidman film in, she's sweet as


1. booby robson
2 sir alf
3 sven goran
4 el tel
5 g hoddle

imho, robson was without equal, he qualified us for the 1990 world cup, and took us to the final, well almost..soooo unlucky. he took us to the quarters in 86 also. as the other england managers have found out, qualification alone aint that easy. i will never forget 1990.

sir alf won it, however, he did not have to qualify as we were on home soil, he did squat in 1970 and failed to get to the 1974 finals, nuff said.

sven, did it his way. you may not like it his way(unless you're ulrika)but it was effective, two quarters and i don't remember him losing many games. he did make a mockery of the sub system

el tel, semi's in the euro's, our best ever finish

hoddle, great footy brain, just wish he had kept his religious views to himself

the worst.
1 graham taylor. why he dropped linaker, only he will ever know, but it cost him his job, and the nation even more, but the jocks love him

joint first.mucklarren
what a dipstick,who did he fall out with? in fact he gets first place out right

non retro

just for you miss amvhr, because you are toooooo lazy to search for this post

x+y= the dominant species
met this gorgeous young lady once, after a couple of sherbets, she revealed, by the time i'm 23, i want to meet mr right, by the age of 25 i want to be married, 26 my first baby, all the time this is happening, she wanted to complete her law degree.a fascinating in-site, into the mind of a woman. this was not an isolated incident, i have delved into womens minds on many an occasion, and can conclude, they are the master race. i have hit the big 4 zero, and the world is my oyster, may have listened more, but thats the way i am. i don't know where i'll be tomorrow, never mind 10 years down the line, i get the idea, they pick a place they realistically want their life to go, them nothing will stop them from getting to that place. its like a mathematical formula, x+y-2z =the place i need to be. do not get in their way, they are prepared to go to extra-ordinary lengths to achieve their goals.

of course men think they are in control, having lived with four women,(still remember the sycronised periods) i beg to differ. they do say, behind every great man(whoever they are)there is always a greater woman. i do believe men are better at certain jobs,soldiers,bouncers,long distance lorry drivers,brick layers... the list goes on. what gets up my nose, are the stupid little feminine bitches, who get it in their heads, they can compete, if i want to be a (for example) fireman, then i'll show them. how does a demur, 5'6 slip of a lass, expect to carry a 16 stone bloke down a ladder, it ain't happening. they become the token female, in this crazy world of equality. its time they took stock, women have come a long way in the 100 years, its time they learnt their place, you are the master race, you have reached the top, now leave the men to pretend we are in charge, and don't upset the equilibrium any more.

pension plot

never been able to work out why people would invest in a pension. these are a lose lose gamble imho.unless you work for a company like Bae or the civil service, were pensions are a nice earner, i would rather save my money else where.who can predict at what age you will die? also, when you hit retirement age, they then drip feed you your hard earned. to me its madness

crime and punishment

to me its simple, did you do it? yes or no.innocent until guilty.lengthy legal battles could be a thing of the's a hypothetical situation.

the police are called to the scene of an accident, they find a car crashed into a lamp post, with the driver slumped at the wheel and a body of a young party goer 20ft away. its 130am and the driver awakes to a crowd of onlookers in the busy town centre. the police fearing he may be concussed ring for an ambulance. the man, coming out of his state of induced sleep, explaines he is fine.what normally happens now is, the police ask if he has been drinking, realising the gravity of the situation he says no, they ask him to give a specimen, which he refuses, he is then arrested and taken into custody.

upon arrival at the station, he is interviewed. he explains he was going about his business as normal, and heading out for a takeaway, when a drunk man, for no reason ran into the middle of the road. its not my fault, i did not see him, he explains. at this point, he again is asked to produce a sample, to verify his alcohol levels, he refuses on the grounds he is still in shock.
he is later released, and appears in court three months later, he is given a three month suspended sentence, and ordered to pay costs. he is also given points on his license and banned for refusal to give a specimen. even though the police said in court, there was a hint of alcohol on his breath, the judge could not be 100% sure, because the police did not get the appropriate evidence

here's what i would do.when the man is in the interview room. 1 ask if he feels well enough to be interviewed, are you of sound mind? 2 ask if he knows what has happened 3 ask if he has had to much to drink. 4 explain to him, if he tells lies, and is found guilty, his sentence will be trebled. come clean now and you will be fast tracked. at this point, he either cooperates or does not. if the police strongly suspect he is drunk, they must force a sample out of him. the thing is, if he is sober, and telling the truth, they must then compensate him. the man is at least given a choice to come clean, if he continues to bluff, he must be dealt with in a draconian way.

this would send a message out to all, espesially celebrities who get off on technicalities, oj simson springs to mind. risk and reward


another soldier dies in afghan. he did it doing what he had been trained for.19 years old, blown up by an improvised explosive device. the Taliban look at this a David and Goliath, the might of the west versus the the meek. the filthy underhanded tactics are all they have. if it came to head to head, full on fight, 20,00 men V 20,000 men..... the US and UK forces would win hands down. it will never come to is however becoming more and more like Vietnam every unwinable war. the government continue to sacrifice our brave troops(fucking heroes) yet they sit in their ivory towers and play gods. the occasional visit to the so called front line reminds me of when i put my head in a lions mouth as a boy,great photo op, but the the lion had been dead 20 years.

if you are gonna sacrifice our troops, be prepared to do it your self. hypocrites.the true horrors of war, i have never seen, i have had them explained to me by a good friend...the fear,the expectation,the exhilaration,the calm,the camaraderie,the joy of getting home in fact every human emotion was used.

bring home our boys, lets invade Germany or Russia, they fight fair.leave the afghans to their own ways, what business is it of ours.
my brother serves, so do some very close friends,enough said

james bulger (rip)

what makes two young boys brutally murder another child? the facts are, they abducted james,they went on to murder him,they got caught,facts end....... and to my mind they clearly intended on torture if not murder.they are more than bad eggs.if i were to guess, one led the other. it seems we have the dominant partner in many murders, ian huntley,ian brady, and to hazard a guess, jon venables.

the man, is a mongrel, he has zero benefit to our society, he has a detrimental effect on it. he should be put out of his misery. the crime was committed by two boys, and his partner cannot go scott free. what message are we as a nation sending to would be paedophiles and rapists? go out and do what you like, and we will give you infamy,a nice clean place to live, cater to your every wimn, plus in time, theres a chance you may be released to do it again. bring back public hanging


with arteta and jagielka back, everton are a complete side, only missing saha and yakubu, well a yakubu who can hit the target LOL.always been a fan of david moyes, and think he can finish 5th or 6th with this side more like 6th if he's lucky
still waiting for them to collapse, but it aint happening. i cannot see them winning the league,2nd 3rd
rafa promised 4th spot, and its a promise i believe he will keep
i would not be surprised if they won the prem and the champions league,but arsen is such a one trap pony. he believes he is always right, and the world is against him. he needs a chill pill
FA cup yes,premiership maybe, champions league neah
are gonners, along with pompey and defo burnley
will all hope to hit 4th spot, but will find it is already taken

are defo heading back where they belong,like the manager
are looking good, but whats happened to leeds? are they goona blow it again? NO, they will come back
uber confident manager, and why not

Sunday, 7 March 2010

death pen

ian huntley,ian brady,peter sutcliff to name a few. there must be a thousand of these lost causes locked away in our prisons. rapists, murderers, child molesters.what benefit are they to out society?it costs the tax payer £100,000pa to keep an eye on just one of these scum bags. i will personally volunteer to put a bullet through their brains. the only benefit i can see, is some macabre voyeurism, but whom does that benefit


poker has changed, or i have? my first four years in the poker world were fruitful. i was a winning player, both live and online.circumstances change, and so does your game. a couple of years back, i could put £20 into my will hill account at 12pm on saturday, and by 6pm could have it up to £200, enough to pay for a night on the town.i would walk into a casino, and be harrassed by a dozen players asking for advice or hand analisis.those days are gone, but will soon return


saw the andrew marr show on tv this morning, can't choose between him and paxman, as to who is the best at making the polititians squirm.anyone can see, the majority are cheats and liers, and have their own best interests at heart. i can't understand how the expenses scandel has been convienently brushed under the carpet, along with so many other offenses

Friday, 5 March 2010

pro gambler

Discipline: If you have to make a bet for the sake of making a bet you are in trouble.
Focus: If you are distracted with other activities, people, family or problems you will not be able to give gambling the attention it requires.
No Superstitions: I personally do not know anyone who is superstitious and successful at the same time.
Record Keeping: Show me someone who does not keep records and I will show you a loser.
Ego: I've seen this be the downfall of what otherwise may have been a good professional gambler. Until you have won 10 million or more gambling, check the ego at the door. If you have reached this level of success than why the need for the ego.
Emotions: This one is key. You must not let the highs and lows affect you. If you cannot do this than you need to find another profession. Examples of the bullshit I've heard ten thousand times. The ref made a bad call. The stupid jockey judged the pace wrong. Some dumb ass took MY card. Why did or didn't they go for the 2 point conversion. If you are or want to be a professional gambler this is going to happen everyday, SO FORGET ABOUT IT. If you can't handle it you have almost zero chance of success.
Pull the Trigger: When you have the advantage you must be able to make the appropriate bet. If you look at money in terms of what it could buy you, you're in the wrong business.
Bankroll: First you need to have one. What you can borrow on your visa card does not count.
Bankroll or Money Management: There are some good books on this subject. If you do not know what I mean by money management you need to buy such book. Hint: You cannot play 50-100 stud on a $10,000 bankroll. You cannot bet $5000/game on a $50,000 bankroll. You cannot play a $5 video poker machine on a $100,000 bankroll. If you try this you are not a professional gambler you are just a gambler who will go broke sooner rather than later.
Maths: This will win you more money than any other single factor. If you don't know the math than you better learn it or at least know someone who will do the math for you. If you don't like math than find another occupation.
Adversity: As in any endeavor there comes adversity. Be emotionally ready to handle it because it is a sure thing. You will be barred from casinos, cheated and stiffed during your career, that I can promise you.
Be true to yourself: Resist the temptation to do things that are detrimental to your well-being and your bankroll. Going on tilt, drug use, and binges will have a negative affect on your ability to perform. Even a bad diet will have a negative affect. Whatever form of gambling one embraces it always gets down to who's brain is functioning the best, who has the bankroll, who knows the math.
Reputation: To me this is everything. Without a good reputation you will never be a professional gambler in my eyes. You may win money, but doing it without honesty and integrity you're just a bum to me. If you win by cheating, scamming or stiffing people you're not a professional, you're a cheat, scam artist or stiff. A good reputation will become your greatest ally in the war to win. Once you establish a good reputation opportunities are everywhere. Other professionals welcome the chance to work with you, help you, and partner up with you. Having a good reputation does not mean keeping your word 9 out of 10 times, it means 100% of the time keeping your word. I know a professional poker player in Las Vegas who did not do the right thing 25 years ago and to this day nobody will have anything to do with him. Once you sell your reputation you can never buy it back.
To be a professional it takes a rare mix of qualities not found in most people. As one well known professional poker player likes to say "Its a hard way to make an easy living". To be a professional at anything it takes a unique person and gambling is no exception


once again, my daughter has been charge for going £9 OD at the bank, it will cost her an extra £30 in charges. the reason is simple, a faceless corperation taking funds without permission, or a direct debit as they call it. i have told her a thousand times to refuse to set up DDs, i explained standing orders are for a set amount, on the same day every month. DDs come out when they choose, and for apparently any amount they decide.
my advice, refuse direct debits. use the standing order

the press

i read the news today oh lord(beatles quote) and once again they are lambasting the views on the far right are..a bit to extreme for my liking. the thing is, why they never lambast the far left. imo, they are just as dangerous as the the far right. if it was up to the left wing loonies, this country would be on its knees. who is wrong and right, i dunno, but the press clearly believe right wing politics are wrong. they are supposed to be impartial. they influence the weak minded, they are the lowest of the low.

Thursday, 4 March 2010


i have had an idea for a film, how the hell i go about it i have no idea.writeing a book? screenplay?
its about a case of mistaken identity, following a man through what he thinks is an average day, then he turns on the 10pm news to find he is on the most wanted list, because of a serise of coincidences and big brother going mad. any ideas


someone intimated i had been banned from awop, as far as i know, i am still allowed to post? but not 100%


if fit, nadal will win the french, if not del potro is my fancy.
if fit, nadal will win wimbledon, federa will take advantage otherwise.
the other two slams are insignificant for now


will he? won't he? tbh i don't give a damn. tiger woods is a bit like jon terry, thinks he can do as he chooses, walk all over everyone and get away with it, as jt found out, the england fans did not welcome him back with open arms. this years masters may be a better place without him, one bookie goes 4/1 for him to win it. if he does have the balls to turn up, will he make the cut? i doubt will survive without his ego
martin kaymer is an outstanding player and @ 66/1 is worth an e/w bet


the premiership looks to be going to the wire.chelsea,utd,arsenal all have a great chance. i thought utd would have dropped away by now, but fergie has been there seen it, and done it.chelsea for me still win it. if arsenal had not lost van persie(long turm) and arshavin?? i think it could have been theirs.
newcastle look nailed on to return to where they belong.
leeds,ffs, are you gonna fec it up again, norwich look good
spotland stadium are getting ready for the celebrations, i saw the manager on the late show on monday, laid back, not cocky, but uuuuber confident... why the hell not.
in the spl, any one of a dozen teams could still finish in the coveted runner up ... i mean third place lol lol. the league is a joke
i see in spain, real madrid are giving barca a run for their money, it will go down to the wire.
inter milan will win serieA at a canter
bayern munich are going to be the surprise winners of the budesliga LOL
can the champions league final be an all spanish affair? could the unspeakable happen, no english team in the final?
rafa benitez, seems to be taking the europa league serious, hamberge sv may have a chance

formula 1

since the untimely death of imo, the greatest ever driver, ayerton senna de silva, my interest in F1 dissapated.this season for the first time, i'm getting a tingle in my pants.schuey,lewis,ferando,jenson,sabastian and even felippi all think they are in with a shout...and so do tactics and ego's will decide this years champion, none of the drivers know their place.
for some strange reason, i would like to see the cheat micheal schumaker win, the sport would go into orbit, and to be fair on the cheating german bastard, he was a good driver.
the english boys imho, won their respective titles with the fastest cars, out of the two, lewis is the more determined. i expect him to win the battle
these two are absolute quality, and the new F1 champ is expected to come from one of these boys.
sabastian vettle.
keep an eye on this boy, he rustled some feathers last year, and i think he will do the same again.exciting prospect

the world cup

i hate to be realistic when it comes to england, but here goes.
the positives...
rooney, on fire and one player every defense fears
capello, one of the best managers in the world

the negatives.....................
team spirit? what team spirit, terry fucked it up
a growing injury list
weak up front, rooney cant do it all
weak at the back, due to glass back ferdy, cole wont be fit, no left back

so to be realistic,i would be so happy with a semi, but feel a quarter final place awaits.the winners will be spain, second best team will be brasil, and the dark horses will be holland. argentina have the worst manager in their history, expect them to lose all three of the group games

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

85 and out

i hate admitting to reading the sun,but anyway, today i 25 made me lol....a hurst with an 85 years dieing wish message on the side, smoking kills, so albert, if you had not have smokeed all your life, you may have lived to be ?????????????
85 is not a bad innings, i'd take it now

big brother

i saw a programme the other night on autism(i think it was autism)here's the point...the guy sat in front of a scene from a live play, computers monitored his eye movement, and also that of another person(non autistic)... the scene was a love triangle, not to difficult to spot for you and i, but the autistic guy did not get it. the cameras followed his eye movement, and it became clear, his attention was not focused on the easy to spot(for us) information in front of him.

it amazed me how the cameras, directed by the software, pinpointed every bit of eye movement, and then made the decision that he was autistic. they followed his every move. of course these cameras were being directed by human beings too,however, it was the software that prompted the final conclusion.

we have more cctv set ups in the uk, than any other country, imagine what else this technology could be used for, its a bit scary. some of my friends are dismissive, especially when i remind then of 1984. its all about control, the government are obsessed with keeping the common man in line. big brother is alive and well, and he's coming to your home! sooner that you could ever imagine.

to some degree, this tech is already used, it can only get better(for them) and worst for the average man for

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

search engines

what is a search engine? well, i thought it was a programe, designed to help you find a specific topic on the web. now i have had my fears confirmed, its really big brother in disguise. by sending cookies(waddeva they are) they collate information every time you log on to the net. at the moment, this is used to target us for certain ads, but soon, the information they collect will have the power of life and death.
big brither is coming to get you. just be aware,every email,weblog,ebay,google,quote,forum etc that you use, leaves a signiture. this may have little effect on most people today, but big changes are around the corner. 10/20 years from now, the world will change 4eva. i do not think its a good thing, i do know how to put an end to it


bigusdikus, player profile
by bigusdikus » Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:34 pm


i started playing poker in november 04. i felf drawn to the game after watching late night poker on tv.i found a venue in a local pub(the kings) 5/6 players would sit down and play for £10 or £20 each, with a first and second prize. the pub can be best described as full of goodfellas, if you know what i mean. there were fights and plenty of heated debate, and plenty of rule infringements.the games took place a couple of times a week, and at weekends we all went to someones house for a late night results were good and i cleaned up most weeks. because of the lack of clear rules and the occasional violence, i looked further a field.

early in 05 i found out that the G had organised card games, so i decided to have a wander over and test my skills against the best. i think it was a wednesday night the first time. i had not got a clue. the card room manager(yogi bear) told me it was a satellite, so not wishing to look a cok i said, put me in. their were about 40 players that night, and i was sat there with a target on my forehead, not that i knew this, nor did i know wtf a satellite was. to be fair i did get aces a couple of times, managed to make the final as chip king or whatever they called it. as it turned out it was a sat for the main event in may that year. there were some infamous names at the table, not that i knew any of them, but i would get to know and respect most of them in the future. we got down to the last three, at which time i was told i would get a prize. 2 seats were gtd, third got £ the table with me were seat 8 the fox, seat 9 the chaser(i think) i was still chip leader, but looking back now, i never had a hope in *bleep*, these two had me in there sights, and the only prize i cudda hoped for was third. at no stage did they collude, at no stage did they cheat, fec me, i didn't know at the time, but i was that rabbit caught in the headlights. i dont mind saying it was men against the boy. it did not take long for them to pull my pants down, slap my ass, and send me back to blighty. i'll never forget, leaving the casino, i told them only a cheque will do, i thought, this lot are bound to try and mug me when i leave, for such a large sum of money . then the fox quizzing me, were do you play, who taught you, is this your first time. if i remember rightly, i was a little rude and evasive, in my mind i did not want to give any info for future reference. he really did chase me across the casino, in typical teenage AKA bigusdikus AKA neil rutter fashion, i made a flippant remark, suggesting i was the new breed, so watch out, to which he replied, polite but firm, yes but you had fecin aces 11 times, and still could not win(3 actually fox) so i hightaled it out, and for the next three days flashed my cheque under the noses of all i could see. happy days

i was hooked, within a couple of months i was playing at the G 4/5/6 nights a week. getting turned over for the first few weeks, but i believe learning faster than most. the subtle off the cuff remarks that these seasoned pro's made, were memorised, analysis and used in my defense at a later date. it was like being taught how to play snooker by davies/white/higgins/o'sullivan. this gave me a great apprenticeship, and the results came thick and fast, and i qualified for some big events, in my defence, i got very unlucky at critical, if not bubble times, for example: turning to take a sip of coffee and looking back to see the dealer mucking my aces in seat 10, on the bubble iin a big one, running out of gas at DTD in a big one, folding a full house in a big one... it could have been so different. the turn of a card,

my winnings to date still exceed my losses, but i have had some decent wins, online too. the fact is, my business took some serious bad beats a couple of years ago, the likes of which i doubt i will recover, i am only an occasional player now

the things i like about my game are, the total lack of respect for any other player at the table. my philosophy is this, they are only human, there are only 52 cards in most decks. i don't care if i sat down with the worlds top ten, i think i would still have an equal chance. this is a philosophy we should all have. if you sit down and are afraid of your opponents, then you are behind before you start, don't be intimidated. believe you are the man. i also find that over the years, when i'm on form, there ain't a player i can't get a read on. when i am on form, i watch every single move, listen to every sound, i go into my own little world. not that anyone would recognise me drifting off, i still have the banter, i just don't let them know it. human instinct is the greatest poker tool, trust your instincts

the things i don't like about my game, are blowing massive chip leads because i switch off, or get pizzed. i remember once down at walsall, being busted out of the gran prix by a donk, then the same thing happening an hour later in the consolation £100 side event. steam was bursting out of my ears, not that this shown on the out side. i managed to regroup, i went to sit down at a £100 cash game, as i sat ther i pulled out my last £90 and 4 of the mother fu ckin cok wits, sorry, told me in a most pedantic way your not welcome, unless you find another tenner, i smiled and went in search of that tenner. by this time i just wanted to crush these mo fo's, and i ain't the type to borrow money, but the rage took over. i found a good friend and took the ten from him, in fact i took twenty, so i could get a beverage. within one hour i had took every penny off the four SOB'S and was hungry for more suckers, the problem was, my work here was done, i had accomplished what i wanted, got the guys who belittled me, punished them, at which stage my hunger dissipated and turned to thirst, i remember being told by garry chatterton, that i had £1500+ in front of me, that i was pizzed and it was time to cash in. 2 hours later, i remember forgetting where the loo's were located, bouncing off the walls, sitting back down, picking up my lasy fifty sheets, and saying goodnight. its an all to familiar story. on occasion i'll have a 10% saver in some comp with only my very good mates, then at 2 or 3 in the morning, its the same old same old, come on neil stop drinking you can win this, ffs your chip leader dont blow our money another semi failing is, i get my kicks from being number one, the money don't come into it, the measure of my success will be defined by my results, not by how much i have won

the present day, its simple, i don't wanna play unless i can afford it, i refuse to be staked, and as for the small comps, i ain't got the heart for them, once youv'e bagged angelina, you don't go back to hilda ogden. so as soon as i get back to a modicum of what i percieve to be normality......
look out


since i made this post, i aint won a bean.............

bigusdikus, player profile, online
by bigusdikus » Thu Jul 23, 2009 6:24 pm

under popular demand, and because i have nothing better to do.

online profile

i had no idea online poke existed until august 05, i had heard the gangsters in the kings mention it, just never took any notice. then i decided to buy a pc, set it up in my own little world at my new house.

stan james was the first site i used, introduced to me by a mate of mine, stephen hinchcliff. i found by applying the knowledge i had acquired at the casino's, i was making a decent profit. one game i realy enjoyed on stans was rounders. i never finished out of the top 2/3. initially my friends said i was just lucky, but by now i had also read all the good poker books, super system, harrington, skylanski and many more, poker had taken over. in one week i won three rounders finals, and one second place, $10200.... all from a $5 stake. add to this, 1/2/3 final table finishes live each week and you gotta say things were going well.i got to know a lot of guys on the site, but i felt it was time to broaden my horizons

on the advice of awop i moved to littlewoods, because i was stupid not to? according to the guys. it turned out the right move, started in the £30 six seater s&g's and swiftly moved on to 60/90/120's. i did very well. my philosophy online has never changed, make a deposit, win, withdraw, i am not the type to leave anything over a ton in my online account. i found this way i knew exactly where i was. where i was, was a big winner, 70%+ of the time. i had some issues with littlewoods, especially the lengh of time it took money to hit my account. we are talking some good dosh here, but by then i was playing between 4 and 10 hours a day and receiving a good rake back. my bigges tourny win was $18,000, i did this at my mates stephen hinchcliffs, semi sober, him badgering me to stop drinking and take it more seriously, thanks pal

will hill was my next move, the reason i moved here was the fact i could get a quick cash, when ever i liked. withdraw and deposit at my convenience, not at anyone elses. my memory is *bleep*, so don't quote me on these, i won the $13k twice + 10+ high finishes, i never conquered the £40k but did have several cashes, william hill was my favourite satutday morning, the wife asked me to take her out on the town, its usually an expensive affair, i was skint, so i asked how much she had on her, £45 she said, ok darlin, go get me a quick cash, without question she went down to hills, 2 hours later i went back, collected £300 while she was booking the restaurant in manny, it was that easy, well it just seemed to come that easy.

my nemesis, as in my live games,was coming home from the casino on tilt, coming home drunk and depositing a couple of ton, and losing. or sometimes showing off in front of mates and losing, but anyhow, by now the writing was on the wall. the privacy i once enjoyed had gone, when i first started playing i was locked away in my own little computer room, no distractions, i could take a £500+ hit and get it back, i was now playing on a laptop in my living room, with plenty of earache, the business was on its last legs and will hill was rumoured to be moving to boss media? what ever that meant

at present i play a couple of hours a week, its a coin flip, win lose draw, you never know. i'm resigned to the fact that it aint what it once was.i understand that you need a private place, and plenty of man hours at the tables, practice realy does make perfect. 12 months ago i requested statements from all the poker sites i have played on, they all still show more than healthy profits, they are also as good as impotent. i will not play unless everything is in my favour

stan james+ £15,000
littlewoods+ £30,000
hills+ £20,000
blue square + £500
the others +or- £2k

never kept records to my detriment
online, unlike live poker, is something you need to dedicate your time to, high levels of concentration can be rewarding. access to my accounts can be made available, if required. some people doubt me

man on the moon

1957, sputnik orbits the earth, 12 years on man walks on the moon.
anyone who believes this must also believe in fairies, pixies, angels and demons. in my life time i hope this will be proved
such progress just does not happen, unless your a yank.
2000bc the first bow and arrow 12 years later the colt 45?
1912 the wright brothers 1st flight 12 years on concord?
1863 1st steam train 1875 the bullet train?
zero gravity, but very windy
lost recordings of the landing
black and white film
dodgy shadows
brainwashed astronauts

come on guys and gals


monopoly or big brother
by bigusdikus » Thu Aug 20, 2009 11:06 am

20 years ago, the company i worked for was taken over(monopolised)and the one major change which the management insisted on was all monies to be paid into your bank account. deep down i was excited about this, on the outside of course, i was opposed, erosion of my civil liberty, and all that cra p.this would mean cash cards, bank loans, overdrafts, mortgages. the benefits were immense. still, on reflection, it saddened me that i would no longer be able to open that brown envelope on a friday. it also concerned some of the older crew, who's wives had no idea of how much their hubbies earned, and never had, things where about to hit the fan. there were of course genuine guys who did not want to have to travel to town to pick up their pay, and had a fear of technology(cash points)

the yorkshire
this was my first bank, and my god could i twist them around my little finger. as far as i was concerned, i was taking home £200 + a week at 21 and they needed me, more than i needed them. i genuinely believe, i got most of the girls/ladies/women to bend the rules in my favour at some time, some mothered me, some were more interested. i did always go in with a smile and a bit of banter. after being made redundant, my account went £46 into the red, and then the charges, at last count, just before it swallowed my card, i was £93OD . i had attempted to reason with them, alas, it was out of their hands

tsb aka tough sh1t baby
got a mortgage got over draught lots of uncompromising bank charges. their was no talking to these people,e.g. dear mr rutter, you were 27p over you agreed limit(for 12 hours)therefor we are charging you £25 wtf wtf wtf. no bullsh1t, in 2 years they must have had £2k in charges, i had the last laugh(always do)

lloyds aka the black horse
my third bank, after my last two, i decided to tread more carefully, the bird who opened my account had asked if i had been a good boy, at previous banks, i melted in her gorgeous green eyes and came clean, donna, darlin, its my 1st account i do have a building society account, will that help? now how about a £5k loan? i need a new car, give it a few months neil and i'm sure i can accommodate you neil . and she almost did(keeping it clean)heard a rumour, TSB and lloyds were about to merge, what would this mean, were would i stand, the panic button had been pressed. i had left owing the TSB about £7.5k, it would have been more if i could have got away with it, imho they robbed me blind, i got them back. however, at this time i had saved/won/amassed a small fortune, £5.5k plus donna was on for another £5k and that meant i could buy an house and a new car, out right, happy days

sh1t hits fan
when the two companies merged, promises were made, customer amnesties etc, not so, donna became lets say, aloof, my loan was turned down, my home was suddenly under attack, from TSB debt collectors. how the fec they found me i will never know, to this day i am baffled. for the hard of hearing, i'll spell it out, donna gave me up. a letter telling me they would accept £5.5k as final settlement for my debt(just the same amount i had saved in lloyds)or the court beckoned.reluctantly ..... i payed up

monopolies are alive and well, and are taking over the planet. right or wrong, the banks got me back, you can see i used the above as a tame example. petrol is controlled by the goverment and the oil barons.heres the trick they played on you all, 2 years ago, it was 60-70p per liter, we are all happy paying £1 now though, and we think ourselves lucky. they scared us sh1tless when we thought it was gonna hit £1.50pl, now we just tip our caps and thank our lucky stars, its so cheap
how much do we pay for a tin of beans, this is the joint decision(imo) of asda,morrison,tesco and so on. they know we gotta eat

how long will it be, before their is one bank, one petrol supplier, one supermarket, one choice.
i remember the days, when i had the chance of opening accounts at 20+ different banks in one town, i also remember 70 or more independent petrol stations dotted around my town, every now and the, we would try a different place to shop for food, not anymore. just try and open a casino in blackpool, the boys from the G will be paying you A VISIT. look at the pain DTD had. small business is gone.

these are not facts, merely my personal observations, would like to here what you think, hope this is not to contentious, even as i type i can feel the claws being sharpened


preparation for the battle
by bigusdikus » Mon Sep 28, 2009 4:19 pm

talking to a couple of mates(yes i do have some) on saturday, they told me guys like ivey, hellmuth, hanson etc, prepare for a tourny by getting a good nights sleep, then going for a run/cycle to clear their minds. it aint rocket science, its the way it should be, if you are gonna take it seriously.

on friday, i started drinking at 5.30 with some guys who i had not been out with for a while. to cut a long story, i fell out of the brown cow @ 1.30am, was incapable of ringing a taxi, was stopped by the feds and told if i fall over again, i would be arrested. i still dunno how i got home.

i do know i was woken at 8am, booted out of bed, made to clean up my mess. i was still to drunk to drive, so had a mate drive my car for me.
not the ideal preparation. my stack was up and down like a brides nightie. reaching sobriety at 8 ish, i knuckled down, got moved to table 3 at 9pm, into the bb, fold, sb fold, dealer button find AJ suited................think the blinds were 800/1600+antes, i have 10k left, no fecin about, i'm all in, the bb has 11k and thinks for about 10 seconds and calls with A9 off, hits trips.what he thought he was beating i have no idea.

24k at that time, would have put me in the mix, but its a coin flip as to who's pre game prep is the best


global warming,my ass
by bigusdikus » Tue Dec 01, 2009 1:40 pm

you know i dislike the thought of big brother, i hate to be pushed around, conned by the government, having stealth taxes imposed on me and my family.

the greatest con i foresee is global warming...
the facts

half (50%) of the worlds leading boffins think its cak
can't think of any more facts

what i do know is, in my life time i have experienced extreme weather. in the space of just 4 years, 77/81 i saw temperatures hit 100 degrees and 6 foot of snow. some of you will have already been brain washed, not me though. throughout history we have seen extremes for one reason or another, the ice age rings a bell. i just think its arrogant for the (insignificant) human race to think they could have any impact on this planet
i really believe we are being shafte

kids tv

beware, if you have small children, the stuff they watch on tv could have a detrimental effect(chooseing my words carefully) here goes

chuckletown, i think, its about trains, anyhow two trains decide to have a race, train A says to train B, i am tired, train B says, its not about winning, its about taking part? wrong, its all about winning.

itv, it seems every 6 minutes bombard our kids with advertisments, sick, ads aimed at 4 year olds, why not just let them grow up

some of the presenters are imo not represenative of the population, and the bird with one arm, will present some aukward questions

retro post

awop post, but still has some validity. start winning and stop losing......

the older we get
by bigusdikus » Mon Dec 14, 2009 7:11 pm

i made a post on sports, but thought it was worth sharing with the masses.

the older you get, the wiser?

my future son in law was forever complaining that he had been let down for £2000 by one team, or that his treble on the horses would have paid £900 but for that photo finish. on closer examination of his betting slips, i noticed his 7/8/9/ folds on the footy and trebles and accumulators on the gg's were all to familiar. i told him he was a mug punter, or a bookies dream

i told him as a boy, yankees were my tipple, along with footy acc's and bandits, but these days i would like to think, i'm somewhere between seasoned and professional. i do not gamble often, but when i do, i want the edge. instead of going in blind and hoping to win the big one, slowly slowly catchy monkey.

i had a look at his betting patterns, he wagered a mean average of £25 per week, and last year he had a £5 acc up on the footy and made £211 profit that one win is all he remembers. to my mind he is still over 1k down on the year

i explained it like this. stop trying to beat the bookie, and start backing singles and doubles. for one month he did, and from his £100 stake he made a £71 profit. this did not really excite the boy, however, i explained, thats a swing of £271, the £100 you normally would have lost, £100 returned stake, £71 profit x that by 12 and it over £3k in your pocket, and not in the bookmakers.
i have told him that the lotto is a long shot, scratch cards, bandits(he loves um) and 10 team acc's are for mugs. that was last February, has he listened, has he fec, but nor did i
the older we get

Monday, 1 March 2010

continuation of blog

does anyone ever read this blog?
am i talking bull?
which subjects are of interest?
let me know


bra's for 9 year olds, padded, t-shirts with leading script for 5 year olds,beauty pagents for prepubesent kids, its a paedo's pardise. i have watched with disgust, young children, usually gilrs being dressed like hookers, mothers allowing nail polish, make up, high heels before they even become teenagers. then once they do, its all systems go.its one thing being street wise, but another loosing your innocense. let a child be a child, its a fucking horrid world once you become an adult, so let them remain oblivious for as long as poss

football betting

anyone who has not seen swampies football tips, on the sports tips and betting page on awop is missing out.he has had another top week. profit profit profit.i for the first time, am taking this game seriously. for years, i hold my hand up, i was a mug punter, the type the bookies love in their shops. he has given me a simple formular and i now study for 20 plus hours per week, and hope to make money from this system at some stage. when i place bets now, i fully expect the results to go my way, i no longer hope. the reasons results do no go my(our) way, is simple bad beats,eg: players sent off early doors, fluke goals etc. never lacked confidence, but am ultra confident now.
check out swampies blog, paul gardener. its a great insite.


i have been asked so many times now, its becoming boring. why have i not posted on awop for the past couple of weeks? i think my last post explains that, i also post my drivle (uncensored) on here. plus the fact, i enjoy being a voyeur, so yes i'm still there really


well played collin mctaggert in his victory last night, i'm sure the £57k will come in handy too. only met the guy once, and can say he deserves his win, a true gent.

bad tackle?

i have seen the shawcross tackle from several angles, and from what i have seen, it did not look malicious. as a long time admirerer of the gooners, and the style of football they play, also the management skills of arsen wenger, i think its time he was renamed, arsen whinger. he does play the beautiful game, but he has also employed some dirty players, so he is being a hypocrit. he really should take a chill pill when a game finishes. you can't expect an apology for his beratement of the lad, but its what he deserves


bellamy's comments on JT have confirmed my thoughts. the bigger you make your self, the harder you fall.terry has give it the big 1 am for years now, and by all accounts, its got on peoples tits. its a long way down. if he had half a brain, he would do the right thing, but he has his head so far up his own ass, he can't see what a cock he is.