this is me

this is me
this is me

Monday, 8 March 2010


another soldier dies in afghan. he did it doing what he had been trained for.19 years old, blown up by an improvised explosive device. the Taliban look at this a David and Goliath, the might of the west versus the the meek. the filthy underhanded tactics are all they have. if it came to head to head, full on fight, 20,00 men V 20,000 men..... the US and UK forces would win hands down. it will never come to is however becoming more and more like Vietnam every unwinable war. the government continue to sacrifice our brave troops(fucking heroes) yet they sit in their ivory towers and play gods. the occasional visit to the so called front line reminds me of when i put my head in a lions mouth as a boy,great photo op, but the the lion had been dead 20 years.

if you are gonna sacrifice our troops, be prepared to do it your self. hypocrites.the true horrors of war, i have never seen, i have had them explained to me by a good friend...the fear,the expectation,the exhilaration,the calm,the camaraderie,the joy of getting home in fact every human emotion was used.

bring home our boys, lets invade Germany or Russia, they fight fair.leave the afghans to their own ways, what business is it of ours.
my brother serves, so do some very close friends,enough said

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