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this is me
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Monday, 8 March 2010

crime and punishment

to me its simple, did you do it? yes or no.innocent until guilty.lengthy legal battles could be a thing of the's a hypothetical situation.

the police are called to the scene of an accident, they find a car crashed into a lamp post, with the driver slumped at the wheel and a body of a young party goer 20ft away. its 130am and the driver awakes to a crowd of onlookers in the busy town centre. the police fearing he may be concussed ring for an ambulance. the man, coming out of his state of induced sleep, explaines he is fine.what normally happens now is, the police ask if he has been drinking, realising the gravity of the situation he says no, they ask him to give a specimen, which he refuses, he is then arrested and taken into custody.

upon arrival at the station, he is interviewed. he explains he was going about his business as normal, and heading out for a takeaway, when a drunk man, for no reason ran into the middle of the road. its not my fault, i did not see him, he explains. at this point, he again is asked to produce a sample, to verify his alcohol levels, he refuses on the grounds he is still in shock.
he is later released, and appears in court three months later, he is given a three month suspended sentence, and ordered to pay costs. he is also given points on his license and banned for refusal to give a specimen. even though the police said in court, there was a hint of alcohol on his breath, the judge could not be 100% sure, because the police did not get the appropriate evidence

here's what i would do.when the man is in the interview room. 1 ask if he feels well enough to be interviewed, are you of sound mind? 2 ask if he knows what has happened 3 ask if he has had to much to drink. 4 explain to him, if he tells lies, and is found guilty, his sentence will be trebled. come clean now and you will be fast tracked. at this point, he either cooperates or does not. if the police strongly suspect he is drunk, they must force a sample out of him. the thing is, if he is sober, and telling the truth, they must then compensate him. the man is at least given a choice to come clean, if he continues to bluff, he must be dealt with in a draconian way.

this would send a message out to all, espesially celebrities who get off on technicalities, oj simson springs to mind. risk and reward

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