this is me

this is me
this is me

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

once bitten

many moons ago, i was after nailing this bird. she was mint, and not at all a tart(not that their is owt wrong with tarts) and caught every mans eye. the fact i was on a break from the wife at the time, along with my insatiable appetite for female company(this hole gets deeper) meant i had to make my move, which i did, only to be rejected (but in a nice way). she ended up marrying one of my best friends, which made me very happy tbh. i get on with them both like a house on fire

she maintains, i never stood a chance, and to be fair, they guy she married, is a true diamond, so i'm glad i did not stand a chance. it seems she only ever had eyes for him,however,the final nail in the coffin, had come long before i had made my move, or even before my mate had, in the form of an horny old shit stirring bastard called george. he apparently told her, i was no good, i was only after one thing(he was right there)i was a chancer, you will never know if you're comin or goin, steer clear of that rutter. i have no idea if this swayed her decision, and never will,tbh, i think she was pre destined.the fact that my pal george, was going around slandering me, did however, come a as a surprise.

george in his day, was a womaniser and took no shit, i thought we were mates. he was 20 years my senior, yet we still went out. i allowed him into my circle.........
waddamistakatomaka. this was many moons ago, i don't let my guard down these days, my circle of friends can be counted on one hand

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