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this is me
this is me

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

big brother

i saw a programme the other night on autism(i think it was autism)here's the point...the guy sat in front of a scene from a live play, computers monitored his eye movement, and also that of another person(non autistic)... the scene was a love triangle, not to difficult to spot for you and i, but the autistic guy did not get it. the cameras followed his eye movement, and it became clear, his attention was not focused on the easy to spot(for us) information in front of him.

it amazed me how the cameras, directed by the software, pinpointed every bit of eye movement, and then made the decision that he was autistic. they followed his every move. of course these cameras were being directed by human beings too,however, it was the software that prompted the final conclusion.

we have more cctv set ups in the uk, than any other country, imagine what else this technology could be used for, its a bit scary. some of my friends are dismissive, especially when i remind then of 1984. its all about control, the government are obsessed with keeping the common man in line. big brother is alive and well, and he's coming to your home! sooner that you could ever imagine.

to some degree, this tech is already used, it can only get better(for them) and worst for the average man for

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