this is me

this is me
this is me

Thursday, 11 March 2010

fooball review

just seen that sniveling toerag garry neville giving an interview, just wanna punch him. i dislike him for the following....does he not know the words of the national anthem? this dog turd never sang when he played for his country. his unhealthy hatred for scousers. watch him change his tune when he retires.

real madrid
what has happened? the unthinkable. they spent £200m and are also rans in the CL

i know they weren't playing barca, but they did put in a good performance, and arsens faith in bentner seems justified. premiership, CL ? double? or also rans once again

the massiah
i honestly believe, jose morinhio will return to england in the summer. he has several options.
chelsea, unlikely, abromovich will surely go for continuity, he can't lose face, or can he?
man utd, mutual respect from both sides, sir alex gives me the impression he has a soft spot for jose, natural replacement. may be in a couple more years
arsenal, seem to love arsen, and visa-versa, he will leave feet first
liverpool???? are my guess, made to measure for jose, a sleeping giant, who would be given immortality if he takes the job

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