this is me

this is me
this is me

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


since i made this post, i aint won a bean.............

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by bigusdikus » Thu Jul 23, 2009 6:24 pm

under popular demand, and because i have nothing better to do.

online profile

i had no idea online poke existed until august 05, i had heard the gangsters in the kings mention it, just never took any notice. then i decided to buy a pc, set it up in my own little world at my new house.

stan james was the first site i used, introduced to me by a mate of mine, stephen hinchcliff. i found by applying the knowledge i had acquired at the casino's, i was making a decent profit. one game i realy enjoyed on stans was rounders. i never finished out of the top 2/3. initially my friends said i was just lucky, but by now i had also read all the good poker books, super system, harrington, skylanski and many more, poker had taken over. in one week i won three rounders finals, and one second place, $10200.... all from a $5 stake. add to this, 1/2/3 final table finishes live each week and you gotta say things were going well.i got to know a lot of guys on the site, but i felt it was time to broaden my horizons

on the advice of awop i moved to littlewoods, because i was stupid not to? according to the guys. it turned out the right move, started in the £30 six seater s&g's and swiftly moved on to 60/90/120's. i did very well. my philosophy online has never changed, make a deposit, win, withdraw, i am not the type to leave anything over a ton in my online account. i found this way i knew exactly where i was. where i was, was a big winner, 70%+ of the time. i had some issues with littlewoods, especially the lengh of time it took money to hit my account. we are talking some good dosh here, but by then i was playing between 4 and 10 hours a day and receiving a good rake back. my bigges tourny win was $18,000, i did this at my mates stephen hinchcliffs, semi sober, him badgering me to stop drinking and take it more seriously, thanks pal

will hill was my next move, the reason i moved here was the fact i could get a quick cash, when ever i liked. withdraw and deposit at my convenience, not at anyone elses. my memory is *bleep*, so don't quote me on these, i won the $13k twice + 10+ high finishes, i never conquered the £40k but did have several cashes, william hill was my favourite satutday morning, the wife asked me to take her out on the town, its usually an expensive affair, i was skint, so i asked how much she had on her, £45 she said, ok darlin, go get me a quick cash, without question she went down to hills, 2 hours later i went back, collected £300 while she was booking the restaurant in manny, it was that easy, well it just seemed to come that easy.

my nemesis, as in my live games,was coming home from the casino on tilt, coming home drunk and depositing a couple of ton, and losing. or sometimes showing off in front of mates and losing, but anyhow, by now the writing was on the wall. the privacy i once enjoyed had gone, when i first started playing i was locked away in my own little computer room, no distractions, i could take a £500+ hit and get it back, i was now playing on a laptop in my living room, with plenty of earache, the business was on its last legs and will hill was rumoured to be moving to boss media? what ever that meant

at present i play a couple of hours a week, its a coin flip, win lose draw, you never know. i'm resigned to the fact that it aint what it once was.i understand that you need a private place, and plenty of man hours at the tables, practice realy does make perfect. 12 months ago i requested statements from all the poker sites i have played on, they all still show more than healthy profits, they are also as good as impotent. i will not play unless everything is in my favour

stan james+ £15,000
littlewoods+ £30,000
hills+ £20,000
blue square + £500
the others +or- £2k

never kept records to my detriment
online, unlike live poker, is something you need to dedicate your time to, high levels of concentration can be rewarding. access to my accounts can be made available, if required. some people doubt me

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