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Tuesday, 2 March 2010


bigusdikus, player profile
by bigusdikus » Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:34 pm


i started playing poker in november 04. i felf drawn to the game after watching late night poker on tv.i found a venue in a local pub(the kings) 5/6 players would sit down and play for £10 or £20 each, with a first and second prize. the pub can be best described as full of goodfellas, if you know what i mean. there were fights and plenty of heated debate, and plenty of rule infringements.the games took place a couple of times a week, and at weekends we all went to someones house for a late night results were good and i cleaned up most weeks. because of the lack of clear rules and the occasional violence, i looked further a field.

early in 05 i found out that the G had organised card games, so i decided to have a wander over and test my skills against the best. i think it was a wednesday night the first time. i had not got a clue. the card room manager(yogi bear) told me it was a satellite, so not wishing to look a cok i said, put me in. their were about 40 players that night, and i was sat there with a target on my forehead, not that i knew this, nor did i know wtf a satellite was. to be fair i did get aces a couple of times, managed to make the final as chip king or whatever they called it. as it turned out it was a sat for the main event in may that year. there were some infamous names at the table, not that i knew any of them, but i would get to know and respect most of them in the future. we got down to the last three, at which time i was told i would get a prize. 2 seats were gtd, third got £ the table with me were seat 8 the fox, seat 9 the chaser(i think) i was still chip leader, but looking back now, i never had a hope in *bleep*, these two had me in there sights, and the only prize i cudda hoped for was third. at no stage did they collude, at no stage did they cheat, fec me, i didn't know at the time, but i was that rabbit caught in the headlights. i dont mind saying it was men against the boy. it did not take long for them to pull my pants down, slap my ass, and send me back to blighty. i'll never forget, leaving the casino, i told them only a cheque will do, i thought, this lot are bound to try and mug me when i leave, for such a large sum of money . then the fox quizzing me, were do you play, who taught you, is this your first time. if i remember rightly, i was a little rude and evasive, in my mind i did not want to give any info for future reference. he really did chase me across the casino, in typical teenage AKA bigusdikus AKA neil rutter fashion, i made a flippant remark, suggesting i was the new breed, so watch out, to which he replied, polite but firm, yes but you had fecin aces 11 times, and still could not win(3 actually fox) so i hightaled it out, and for the next three days flashed my cheque under the noses of all i could see. happy days

i was hooked, within a couple of months i was playing at the G 4/5/6 nights a week. getting turned over for the first few weeks, but i believe learning faster than most. the subtle off the cuff remarks that these seasoned pro's made, were memorised, analysis and used in my defense at a later date. it was like being taught how to play snooker by davies/white/higgins/o'sullivan. this gave me a great apprenticeship, and the results came thick and fast, and i qualified for some big events, in my defence, i got very unlucky at critical, if not bubble times, for example: turning to take a sip of coffee and looking back to see the dealer mucking my aces in seat 10, on the bubble iin a big one, running out of gas at DTD in a big one, folding a full house in a big one... it could have been so different. the turn of a card,

my winnings to date still exceed my losses, but i have had some decent wins, online too. the fact is, my business took some serious bad beats a couple of years ago, the likes of which i doubt i will recover, i am only an occasional player now

the things i like about my game are, the total lack of respect for any other player at the table. my philosophy is this, they are only human, there are only 52 cards in most decks. i don't care if i sat down with the worlds top ten, i think i would still have an equal chance. this is a philosophy we should all have. if you sit down and are afraid of your opponents, then you are behind before you start, don't be intimidated. believe you are the man. i also find that over the years, when i'm on form, there ain't a player i can't get a read on. when i am on form, i watch every single move, listen to every sound, i go into my own little world. not that anyone would recognise me drifting off, i still have the banter, i just don't let them know it. human instinct is the greatest poker tool, trust your instincts

the things i don't like about my game, are blowing massive chip leads because i switch off, or get pizzed. i remember once down at walsall, being busted out of the gran prix by a donk, then the same thing happening an hour later in the consolation £100 side event. steam was bursting out of my ears, not that this shown on the out side. i managed to regroup, i went to sit down at a £100 cash game, as i sat ther i pulled out my last £90 and 4 of the mother fu ckin cok wits, sorry, told me in a most pedantic way your not welcome, unless you find another tenner, i smiled and went in search of that tenner. by this time i just wanted to crush these mo fo's, and i ain't the type to borrow money, but the rage took over. i found a good friend and took the ten from him, in fact i took twenty, so i could get a beverage. within one hour i had took every penny off the four SOB'S and was hungry for more suckers, the problem was, my work here was done, i had accomplished what i wanted, got the guys who belittled me, punished them, at which stage my hunger dissipated and turned to thirst, i remember being told by garry chatterton, that i had £1500+ in front of me, that i was pizzed and it was time to cash in. 2 hours later, i remember forgetting where the loo's were located, bouncing off the walls, sitting back down, picking up my lasy fifty sheets, and saying goodnight. its an all to familiar story. on occasion i'll have a 10% saver in some comp with only my very good mates, then at 2 or 3 in the morning, its the same old same old, come on neil stop drinking you can win this, ffs your chip leader dont blow our money another semi failing is, i get my kicks from being number one, the money don't come into it, the measure of my success will be defined by my results, not by how much i have won

the present day, its simple, i don't wanna play unless i can afford it, i refuse to be staked, and as for the small comps, i ain't got the heart for them, once youv'e bagged angelina, you don't go back to hilda ogden. so as soon as i get back to a modicum of what i percieve to be normality......
look out

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