this is me

this is me
this is me

Monday, 8 March 2010


1. booby robson
2 sir alf
3 sven goran
4 el tel
5 g hoddle

imho, robson was without equal, he qualified us for the 1990 world cup, and took us to the final, well almost..soooo unlucky. he took us to the quarters in 86 also. as the other england managers have found out, qualification alone aint that easy. i will never forget 1990.

sir alf won it, however, he did not have to qualify as we were on home soil, he did squat in 1970 and failed to get to the 1974 finals, nuff said.

sven, did it his way. you may not like it his way(unless you're ulrika)but it was effective, two quarters and i don't remember him losing many games. he did make a mockery of the sub system

el tel, semi's in the euro's, our best ever finish

hoddle, great footy brain, just wish he had kept his religious views to himself

the worst.
1 graham taylor. why he dropped linaker, only he will ever know, but it cost him his job, and the nation even more, but the jocks love him

joint first.mucklarren
what a dipstick,who did he fall out with? in fact he gets first place out right

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