this is me

this is me
this is me

Monday, 8 March 2010

top 10 films

in no specific order.....
1 goodfellas.
the classic,timeless mob film. this film has the lot. based on a true story, its the ultimate.
2 casablanca.
love,war,romance,tretory,music? classic film
3 big.
just one i watched over and over. not into fantasy flicks usually, but this will stand the test of time
4 matrix trilogy
some take this to serious, i enjoy it for what it was, and still is
5 preditor 2.
the first film aint bad, but this blows it away
6 kill bil(both)
uma thurman gives me a hard on, the violence is superb
7 pulp fiction.
had to give this film some thought, it took some working out, but i like that. just wish i knew what was in the suitcase? answers on a postcard
8 cool hand luke.
this guy reminds me of someone(lol) i could repeat every line, probably. timeless
9 trainspotting.
danny boyle at his best, got the hots for the school girl. its a life i have seen, from outside the goldfish bowl
10 eyes wide shut.
had to put a nicole kidman film in, she's sweet as

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