this is me

this is me
this is me

Sunday, 28 March 2010

the 3 ages of awareness

my daughter and her little girl, have been living with me for several months now. Mia is 2 years old, and is the apple of my eye. i spend a lot of time with her, and enjoy taking her with me where ever i may go. at her age, she could not care less, if she eats chocolate or yogurt, she sleeps when she is tired,she drinks when thirsty, she does not have a care in the world.

sometime between now and age 5/6 all this will change. she will decide she does not like ???? carrots, or maybe cheese. she will choose not to brush her teeth.she will begin to take control of her own destiny,day by day she will have less need to be looked after, until she eventually breaks free, hopefully that will be in her mid twenties. until then, i will look after her, and all my grandchildren, in a way i never managed to do with my own kids. i seem to have more time for them these days.

the next age of awareness hit me aged around 37+, now i know for some people this may seem late on in life to become aware of your own mortality, but i was busy, enjoying life.the fact is, i sat there, or stood, and it suddenly dawned on me,40 years from now, i will probably be sort of changes your outlook, espesially if like me, you do not believe in the afterlife.

decided some time ago, i could not save the world, even though i would like to, so it was time to do the wish list.............
get fancy car
pull page 3 bird
earn a million(almost)
do Vegas
ski the ultimate black run
live happily ever after
eat at the best restaurants
royal ascot
look after mum
do extreme good deed
9/10 aint to bad

now its time to do another list, becoming an septra generic will be top of the list, anything into octogenerics and i'm free rolling.

thats two, and i'm not sure what the third age will be,but i'm sure its in the post

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