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this is me
this is me

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

uk manufacturing

about six years back, i was offered a set of callaway golf clubs,with driver,putter,bag,woods and other bits and bobs. they looked like brand new, and i was told they were. at my local golf club, this full set would cost just short of £1500 and i had been offered them for £90. in fact, if i wanted another 20 sets, i could have them slightly cheaper???????????????????????????????????????????????

they had been imported from china,and to the best of my knowledge were superb replicas. rumour had it, the Chinese had bought some callaway tooling, and could make the stuff better??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

all i know is, it was the beginning of the end. i have seen.................. doors,cars,cd's,clothes,ironing boards,toilets you name it, all being shipped over, at a fraction of the cost we can make them for. unless you have been to the moon, you will have noticed businesses going under in the uk. we simply cannot compete.if you are employed in the public sector, arms, or the service industry, your jobs are safe.but if your company is manufacturing...start retraining now, because things can go only one way.

i know from my own experience, work is scarce, i am thinking of moving away. the companies i was dealt with are importing for less than they can make the stuff for, and why not. so anyone with a good job, let me know???????????????/

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