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this is me
this is me

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


preparation for the battle
by bigusdikus » Mon Sep 28, 2009 4:19 pm

talking to a couple of mates(yes i do have some) on saturday, they told me guys like ivey, hellmuth, hanson etc, prepare for a tourny by getting a good nights sleep, then going for a run/cycle to clear their minds. it aint rocket science, its the way it should be, if you are gonna take it seriously.

on friday, i started drinking at 5.30 with some guys who i had not been out with for a while. to cut a long story, i fell out of the brown cow @ 1.30am, was incapable of ringing a taxi, was stopped by the feds and told if i fall over again, i would be arrested. i still dunno how i got home.

i do know i was woken at 8am, booted out of bed, made to clean up my mess. i was still to drunk to drive, so had a mate drive my car for me.
not the ideal preparation. my stack was up and down like a brides nightie. reaching sobriety at 8 ish, i knuckled down, got moved to table 3 at 9pm, into the bb, fold, sb fold, dealer button find AJ suited................think the blinds were 800/1600+antes, i have 10k left, no fecin about, i'm all in, the bb has 11k and thinks for about 10 seconds and calls with A9 off, hits trips.what he thought he was beating i have no idea.

24k at that time, would have put me in the mix, but its a coin flip as to who's pre game prep is the best

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