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this is me
this is me

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

sporting greats

1 1990 world cup semi final
20 years have gone, but remember it like it was yesterday, what could have been?so near yet so far. i recall watching the game alone, then running out after the game to hide my GTI, i had a feeling german cars were gonna get a hammering.

2 senna's death
1994 i think? i sat there open mouthed, i saw his head tilt to the right and i knew it was over. the crash did not look as bad as some, but it took imo the greatest F1 talent from us all

3 sea the stars.
his arc win was the pinicle, will this horse ever be bettered

4 bolt
this is the only Olympic event i have any interest in, he has not peaked yet. could we see a sub 9.5 in our lifetime. yes but not by bolt, its asking to much. he is the dogs bollox imo

5 federa
what a pleasure to witness the greatest of all time,the ghost of bjorg is gone.any slip ups by nadal, and he could win 20 slams

6 clough
winning 1 european cup was unthinkable, winning his second in 1980 put him in the history books, and proved he was one of the greatest managers of all time.idiosyncratic, does not descride him one bit

7 the ashes 81
wilis brierly and botham,wow! if carlsberg made test matches

8 dessie(desert orchid)
how would this wonder horse have fared against arkle? for me, he would have won his fair share

9 ali
the rumble, and the thrilla. two of the greatest fights in history. entertainment at its best

10 rovers
the 91 play off final. nuff said

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