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this is me
this is me

Thursday, 25 February 2010


by bigusdikus » Mon Jun 08, 2009 5:46 pm

yo guys i'm back, so if easily offended stop reading now.

i found two casino's, there may be more. the holland casino deffo does a tourny every night, could not make a withdrawal on this occasion, did not have time.maybe next time.........

its like a right of passage, doing the amsterdam weekend break. been there, seen it, got the shirt, and at the time it was good, not as good as rotterdam. upon arrival, my initial impression was it was a sh1t hole. but then after a sort of sight seeing tour, i found there is a lot more to it. the architecture for one is amazing. the dutch seem to create a problem where there isn't one. like whats the point of building the thing straight, when we can do it diagonal? dunno how we will do it, but wtf roll another joint and we will finish it. for the 1st time in my life, i found myself photographing sculpture's andother works of art...some were like nothing i had seen before

i dont think the girls would win a beauty contest, probably because would rather read a book, go out partying or something less trivial. the girls were mint, and lots of them.


the bars and clubs pizzed on the english nightlife once again. they really know how to pardy. ended up in the skihut one night, in the centre, talk about if carlsberg made nights out. the bar girls danced on the bar for most of the night, and boy oh boy, it was worth the entry fee.. just about everyone with a smile, not a hint of trouble. of course the coffee shops were there if you fancied a schmoooke. brothels a plenty, 50E a go, if your into that type of behaviour

tried some of there stuff(not enough) it was good, but you can eat whatever food you like out there. they cater for everyone, its multi culture gone mad. and from what i gather, the dutch don't like it.

its very very very hard to learn. did manage about 15-20 words. was havin it drummed into me, but it often fell on deaf ears. i always try to learn the language when i visit a place, but this was tough. i will continue to learn more, so the next time i go out there, i'll really be able to impress..tway groote beer astabeliv--4 large beers if you dont mind..
danke vel ---thanks a lot.....tot ziens--goodbye. plus a few more.if i was my own teacher, i would say must try harder

four hours ain't a long time, car from blackburn to manchester, plane to amsterdam, train to rotterdam, tram to my mate's. would deffo recommend renting a bike, spend a lot of time on one, its a great way to see the city

had to try some whilst i was there, it wudda been rude not to. walked into coffee shop, purchased 15E of white widow, just like buying a pack of fags, smoked a couple of spliffs, i'll leave it there

really worth a visit, its got something for everyone, left out the classified stuff. hope this helps with any travel plans you may have

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