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this is me
this is me

Thursday, 25 February 2010


5.21 this morning
by bigusdikus » Tue May 19, 2009 4:21 pm

women never cease to amaze.
at 5.21 this morning my wife let out a loud scream(agony not ecstasy),whats goin on girl?my toe my toe.heres the story

three weeks ago she broke her toe in a mountain climbing she went to A/E and had it reset,and as she reminded me a thousand times it was very fecin painful.comparisons to childbirth were muted.i have had three daughters and never felt a thing,dunno what all the fuss is about.
anyhow it seems i had kicked out at her and dislocated the same toe(knew it would be my fault)she had her pj's on limping around in tears.ok come on i'll take you up to A/E.she had woke everyone within a 5 mile radius at this stage,and i was beginning to feel responsible/guilty and sympathetic(and i didn't even know i had feelings) until.................

on one leg she attempts to get dressed and put her fecin makeup on dippy bat just get in the car ...are you mad get in the car.all i heard on the way was"god i hope no one see's me"again i reiterated she had her priorities wrong."yes well you dont have to work there"

we were seen quite quick on this occasion,even though she told the nurse, then the doctor she had a dislocated toe.they thought it best to xray it everyones surprise my wife's initial diagnosis was proved to be wrong(amazing)and it was only bruised,and i thought she was right about everything

the thing is,the vanity on display.not very practical putting makeup on

some jobs should be left to the men,women clearly are a different breed.given the choice to pick my own sex i'd go for the Y chromosome every time (Y being the male ?

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