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this is me
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Thursday, 25 February 2010


touchy religious debate
by bigusdikus » Sun Jul 19, 2009 10:16 am

just been watching a debate on the beeb, its going on about schools, how their are now 100 muslim schools in the uk, plus x amount of proddy and x amount red necks. it touched on what we teach our kids, secularism what happened in the US. to be honest, they could be debating forever, no one wins. heres my 2 penny worth
i sent my three daughters to a catholic primary and secondary, because they dished out the best education. i did the same thing with all of them, when they reached the age of 12/13, i told them to fail RE and concentrate on other subjects. i told them that i would take all the flak, i even went so far with one of them, i told her to miss the lesson. heres why, i do not believe as a parent, i have the right to poison my kids minds with religion. i wanted my kids to learn facts not fiction, i wanted them to excel in maths, english, science and languages. if for any reason, when they became adults, they found they were drawn to religion, then ok. it found them, not the other way. what gives me the right to turn my kids into catholics
(catholicism, imho, is the most despicable,treacherous religion of them all)
i chose to give them free will, not ram it down their throats and brain wash them, turn them into fanatics
fact, 2+2 = 4
fact, the sun provides enegy
fact, a day lasts 24 hours
we should stick to teaching what we know, all i know about religion is, it breeds hate and violence, always has done. what a contradiction this is.... the holy wars lol.

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