this is me

this is me
this is me

Thursday, 25 November 2010


spurs are 67/1 on oddschecker, and if i were the odds compiler, i would think about these points.

trouble in the camp,wilkins departure has upset certain people, i get the feeling of disharmony.drog miss fires,injury to lampard/terry/essien. if they lose 2/3 more games, they are in trouble.
fergie is an amazing manager, but utd have, over the years had a solid back four,and this season, through injury,and failier to buy, they are weak. the rest of the team hardly reak of superstars, fletcher/carrick/hernandez/park. then there is the primadonna that is rooney,and the over the hills,gigs,scholes.
hodgson is a plonker, they will be lucky to make the top 10
wengers refusal to buy a superstar, is becoming tedious. its all well and good doing it his way, but he aint frank sinatra. i also worry about the training regime at the emerites, and why there are so many injuries.i arsen had just bought a????? kaka or a tevez and given the younger players something to aspire to, but no. great finding players like chamak/vermalen and nurturing the youth, wiltshire etc. but that wont win titles imo
harry is one of the best in the world for me,what he achieved at west ham, on no money for all those years, was a miracle.if i had the chance, i would tell him, get out of all the cup comps now, and go for it. how many spurs players would get into the above teams?well? a fit woodgate/king maybe, modric would be ideal for arsenal, defoe can bang um in, as can pav/keane and crouch. then the cream, vdv/bale would both walk into any of them.if harry bought a couple of decent guys in jan, it could happen
i am a rovers fan, but have always admired spurs, its just an idea, ready for your attacks

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