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this is me
this is me

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

its all about control

called into town today, only to find another branch of santander appear. we now have 3 in blackburn. the bird on the counter explained(with a glint in her eye) yes, we want one on every corner,just like starbucks, hehehehehehehe. what a thick cunt.she said, they had took over alliance and leisester and bradford and binkley, good aint it?

no it is not.............

monopoly after monopoly, its so sad.banks,petrol,supermarkets to name a few, they are slowly becoming one. this takes away our freedom,please dont lol

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  1. in the past twenty years, bank after bank has been merged, lloyds tsb? for example. its the tip of the iceberg. the bookies are disappearing to, there is only one independent near me these days, they are all being swallowed up
    esso,shell,texeco etc, are all the same. tweny stations around my town, with a price difference or 2p. it kills competition. reminds me of a film, where the only restaurant was taco bell? cant think of the name.
    using bookies as an example, think what would(will) happen when hills,corals and ladbrokes merge, we get the price we are told, and if we dont like it, *bleep* us. same with petrol,public houses are another. i hate weatherspoons, you have been in one, you've been in um all.when will it all end?
    all the chief executives in the big companies *bleep* in the same pot, this supermarket price check *bleep* they all know how much to charge for a tin of beans, they golf,drink,holiday together, as do the oil barons,bankers,bookies. what next?

    yes you can buy a car, but from one dealership, yes you smoke a fag, but we only have one brand?
    if i where in government, i would set up a commision, a body of men, who prevent this happening. i would call them.........................let me think????????????????

    got it. the monopolies and mergers commision, now that would be a good idea


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