this is me

this is me
this is me

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

taist of things to come

several months back, i was driving up to the hospital with my daughter and granddaughter. its a long left hand road, with three right turns, and one left turn.i got behind a black audi A3, which imo was driving a little erratically. i said to my daughter, this ass hole is drunk. the car swerved left, then right, and slammed on hard, causing me to break. i thought get on the horn, but decided i was gonna get out the car and confront the idiot. as i pulled along side, with the intention of blocking him off, i looked into the car to see what i am guessing was a young muslim bird, in full head dress(could have been a guy for all i know)realising this could be an international incident, i drove off and decided to report it to the police.

i was straight on the blower, i ranted down the line to the officer on the desk, who told me to calm down, and then arranged an interview. upon arrival at the station, i was ushered through the front desk by a WPC, and asked to take a seat. by this time i had calmed down, but still thought that action should be taken. only a minute into the interview and i could see i was flogging a dead horse. the overweight, unattractive WPc, had already made up her mind, i was a racist. can you give a description?do you have the reg? was there any other witnesses? she made me feel dirty. i told her what i thought of her attitude, then said there would be no complaint and i wish to end the interview. i will see myself out, i knew the way.

its so easy to be labeled,you just cannot speak your mind these days. this is a taist of things to come

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