this is me

this is me
this is me

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

a woman scorned

had an interesting conversation today, looking into how womens minds work, i ain't claiming to be an expert btw. it started with a friend say how his ex with had the police on him, for nothing, how devious she was........

i told him how i listened to the wife and her friends on many an occasion, after a drink, usually when i had returned from poker, early in the AM. one would say, yes! he was itching all day, and he had no idea why lol. the other would say, he spent 2 hours looking for his shoe lol, then the other would chirp in, yeah i dropped his chop on the floor, but he never found out lol. they were talking about their respective partners, and how they have their bits of fun, putting itching powder in his shirt because he had come home late? hidden golf shoes? and accidentally on purpose dropping their food on the kitchen floor.

to see them in full flow, it was like a witches coven, men have no chance. freud said, there are no accidents, i think he was on to something. i suppose its how they get by, small victories.hell hath no fury.

its all about control, and women have it?

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