this is me

this is me
this is me

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


drove through darwen today, behind an artic lorry, who clearly had no idea where he was, or where he was going. i tried to get past, he tried to crush me and my little girl. i of course gave him the full wrath of my tongue as i jumped out of the car. as i approached the cab, it was clear he was an eastern block numpty. no fight today, but close...........

these drivers come over here with no road tax,insurance,licienes and without passing a test, their wagons are not road worthy. statistics show, they murder up to 3000 women children(some men to) each year, then blame it on the blind spot, because their cabs are left hand drive. the fact they are butchering innocents seems to have gone unnoticed by our government.

impound their cabs if not road worthy,imprison them for murder, make them road tests, stop the killing

before the Pc brigade get on my case, i know they are only trying to make a living, but at what cost?

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