this is me

this is me
this is me

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

women make me LOL

took my beautiful granddaughter mia, to top bananas today. when i got there, i found it was half term(drat)with dozens of screaming rough boys running crazy(double drat)and loads of yummy mummies(result)
got chatting to hayley, inbetween being dragged up and down the obstacle course and on the slide(about 20 times)... when i noticed an old flame, round about the same time she clocked me, i smiled, gave her the nob, and continued to chat to hayley. at the same time, trying to look round corners, because joannes friend, who had her back to me(sat 2 tables away)i had subconciously noticed on the way in, and from the shape of her back, i could tell A, she was young, B, she was tidy, and C, i can't believe what happened next.
at the same time i gave jo the nob, without lip reading, i knew what she had just said to????????? we'll call her sophia, (for arguments sake).theirs a lad over there, don't look now, i have had him! i could just tell. ffs girls, is nothing you talk about everthing? i thought it was only the guys that did that(sad ones) on the plus side, she had obviously been left with some sort of impression, a positive one(happy days)what else do you say, have you no shame?
on a lighter note, hayley has fallen short of the record, 100 guys in a 100 days, only jokin hayles

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