this is me

this is me
this is me

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

the brits

liam stepped over the mark last night, and will be remembered for his incolence, peter kay summed it up perfectly, what a knobhead. its not easy playing second fiddle to the legend that is noel
lady gaga managed to cover up her nuts?and gave a low key performance for her standards.
robbie continued to fluff his lines, live performances are not up his street,stick to the studio lad.
JZ, quality
jls, what a set of gimps, i just wanna punch um, they do my head in, successful gimps thought, and slightly talented.
lilly allen, sad performance.
florence and the machine could be a giant in the making,her live performance was the best of the night, not bad for a ginger
cheryle cole,get a life girl. a truely gorgeouse little girl, with very little talent,simon is waiting in the wings
dizzy, you are nutz man

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