this is me

this is me
this is me

Monday, 28 November 2011

its easy

we are in deep trouble. unemployment at record highs, i honestly don't think we are getting the real figures. the dole queues are getting longer, we are in a depression, no mistake.

if i ran the country, here is what i would do.

firstly, immigration. i would stop any more immigrants coming in, end of. i would also tax non British citizens that work here heavily, so they would have little choice but to go home

look after our own first, do charity work when we can afford it, so please don't label me racist.

next, i would stop the major supermarkets selling anything they like, and allow them to sell nothing more than food. its simple to see, they close down small businesses when they move into an area, their spending power means petrol stations/funeral parlours/cloths shops/record shops/insurance??????????? you name it, they want to sell it, cheap yes, but that closes so many businesses down and has a knock on effect.

i would also tax cheap imports from china/Asia etc. maybe we can get back to manufacturing our own goods, but stand little chance at the price some of the things come into the country

these measures would create jobs, granted, it would mean a more level playing field, less capitolism than most would like, but its this simple, well, to me it is

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