this is me

this is me
this is me

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

the truth

went to see my solicitor today, told him to proceed with my claim. had put it on ice after being told i would have pursue the manager of the premises.
fact, this is not the case

so here's a few more facts

1 i was assaulted
2 i was very drunk
3 i was booted out of the pub and left for dead
4 the paramedic told me, 5 more mins i would lose consciousness, 10 and i would have died
5 i am scarred for life
6 i had a 3hr + opp
7 i will be crippled for life

these are indisputable facts, so here is my side.

had been on it all day, i was leather ed, ended up chatting this bird up(kirsty) she had bought me a couple of drinks, thought i was in. then from nowhere, well, a few paces away, her alleged BF turned up. i had no idea? did try to calm the situation down, but he wanted blood. so i asked him to step outside, where even in my state would have taught him a lesson. as i turned to the door, he and a couple of his mates jumped me from behind, pushed me through the window, whilst hitting me from behind(its on cctv) its was cowardly of them, but thats what happens. they bungled me out, shut the door, and left me for dead. i doubt they will tell it much different

i recall the police pressing me to have them charged, this is ABH you know mr rutter, which means they go to prison, even the bird. to be fair, it was a drunken brawl,shit happens, i came off worst. i could not live with sending anyone to sing sing. my solicitor said i have 2 years to make my mind up anyhow.

then the solicitor tells me a couple of months back, the landlady has no insurance, we will have to take everything she owns. at this point, i told him to drop the case. but then said landlady mailed me, to say she had lost her job, and it was my fault.....bad move.

they tell me i could get up to 100k, i will take half that, but thats how it is

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