this is me

this is me
this is me

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

its never too late

7th oct 1980. after months and months, it finally came true(my dream that is) angela marie veronica harling said yes. she said i'll be yours neil. i remember it like it was yesterday, we sat in front of her house on park place and she told me in a round about way. i pretended i didn't get it at first, but soon knew.
she was the most beautiful girl i had ever seen, and after a brief kiss, i skipped off home and truely could not sleep that night. she was out of my league imo.but if i thought i was happy now, the years to come brought me greater joy.

i remember when she summoned me after work, and explained i was to be a father, omg omg, 17 and a dad. this was a bit of a shock to say the least, but when it sunk in i was very proud if not a little apprehensive, although showing emotion was not my forte. two more beautiful children followed, god knows how that happened lol.they are the apple of my eye.

the holidays, the nights out, the nights in, the fights, the good times, there have been many highlights, but when she asked me to marry her, i thought that would be us forever. she skipped down the isle with the biggest smile i have ever seen. and i know everyone was jealous, i felt so lucky, maybe i should have showed her more, but deep down, i think she knew.

i really thought we would make it, but life sometimes throws in a curv ball.we have both moved on now, and after a period of bitterness i think we have both learned our lesson. its to late for us now, but it aint for anyone else, so think on guys. the grass is never greener, cherish what you have and hold on to it, before its to late

good luck to you darlin, lets hope we both find what we are looking for

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