this is me

this is me
this is me

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

the other man

the girl in the bank texted me earlier,think she got the number from personal file(tut tut)who cares? been checking her out for months, thought she was a bit out of my reach, but i guess...... i wore her down.her name is audette,29-31years old,5'7,slim and sexy.

the initial text was a cheeky apology, for steeling my number,but then progressed.light flirting,plenty of compliments and then the both know,its inevitable....nothing can stop us now,the obstacle of her husband, is a mere inconvenience.i know,but you have to be there.11 years of marriage has taken its toll.i have never met him,but she painted a grim picture.hell,the girl ain't getting any younger.

i learnt she is free Fridays, and may be able to sneak the odd afternoon in. she assures me,she will be visiting Ann summers tomorrow,just for me.the plot thickens.............

now i have a feeling of antisipation and excitement rolled into one. i also had a moment of madness,what if she falls for me? how am i gonna let her down?stop thinking bullshit! just gona enjoy

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