this is me

this is me
this is me

Saturday, 1 January 2011


was,probably the worst year of my life.i lost the embers of my business,my wife was my biggest loss,my poker career took a nose dive,ended up living in the bronx,no one rings me anymore,have become a social pariah,had a bump in my car. boo hoo,did i mention, i dont get to see my family,double boohoo

because i am such a narcissistic,alpha male,pig headed,big headed prick, i have no one to turn to, but please,if you have a problem,cry on some fucker elses shoulder this year,all i have heard is moan moan moan, from all my think you have probs, i aint no agony aunt this year........... so thank fuck its gone, roll on 2011, not making any resolutions, but mark my words, i shall have a better year

the wish list.

get the wife back(in my dreams)
move into nice pad
hit vegas
win an ept
give up smoking
hit the gym(hard)
new wardrobe(my cloths are dull)
take my grankids on holiday

thing is,once would have settled for nothing but all, now, i'll take 6 out of the 8.

moan over, happy new year

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