this is me

this is me
this is me

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

fight part 2

part 2

the place
millstone pub, darwen.darwen is like burnleys little brother,your mums your dad, your dads your mum, and its ok to fuck your sister.population, around 30,000, and not a nice place to live
the time
sunday afternoon,summer 2004, 4.30/5pm ish

i had been out with one of my best mates, ricepud. a hardened drinker,womaniser and royal marine.had no idea of his fighting ability, just presumed he was hard. anyway,we were walking through the pub, when he turned to this guy, who was minding his own business, and said, you look like a fuckin monkey, this guy then head butted rice and drew blood. i then staemed in with a right, then a left, then found myself on my back. i quickly got to my feet, round two...i dropped my left shoulder, and connected with a right, then another right with a left to the body, in between.then found myself on my back again.

at this point,the bouncers grabbed the guy as i got to my feet. he was bleeding, i got him with the right. rice was just stood there laughing, and bleeding. come on he said, lets get out of here. he grabbed my arm, and said, we'll use the other door. fuck that, i wanna finish the cunt. he took me through the other door, and explained, he sparked you twice you daft cunt, lets get out.

i watched as the guy walked away, holding his nose, we decided on the opposite direction.what did you say that for rice? he looked at me and said, well? he did look like a monkey

in a small town, news travels fast. in the next pub, i met herman and scott, two really hard mother fuckkers. they asked if it was me who just broke walshies nose? guess so, why? who is he i asked? they then went on to explain, he is a hard cunt, and coming from them, it made my cheeks clench. i asked them to have a word, and apologize on my behalf, which worked, thank fuck.

the truth was, i was that pissed, i didn't feel a thing, until the day after, he had only hit me twice, and knocked me down both times, quality guy imo.

cant really class this as a loss, maybe a draw? but ain't ever gonna look for a rematch, this guy walshy, was the real deal

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