this is me

this is me
this is me

Monday, 29 November 2010


went to my local last night with a good mate,(paul dudge) chewed the fat, had a few beers. he recalled the time he got his leg broke outside, and said, guess the year? i took a stab at 2000, it was 99. it was also my finest hour, well one of them.

i had gone to pick the wife up, who had been out with pauls misses.on arrival, i was told there had been trouble, i had noticed several guys waiting around outside, but never gave it any thought.

inside was paul, 9/10 streetfighter,lee9/10 and about a dozen of our friends with a mean average of 5/10 streetfighting abilities. then there's me, above 9, not quite the time i had sunk two pints, there were 10 to guys outside, and it was time to make our move. i had gone out alone, to access the situation with the landlord, when i went back into the pub, i asked for the jukebox to be switched off, and told everyone to listen.

there was no doubt, it was gonna kick off, i explained, the girls must stay inside at all costs, i told the guys, we all go out together, no one runs, and we will be fine. at that point, dudges taxi arrived, a seen as he was bladder ed, i thought it was ok for him and his wife to leave.thats when it all kicked off. they attacked from both sides, as soon as we went outside, they punched everyone, the women got targeted(the ones i told to stay inside)dudge was punched to the ground, in the centre of the road, lee fought a good fight, but i was sober, and on fire. i took three out in the first 20 seconds, then jumped on 2 lads that had hold of my wife and dianne, the 2 drunk and gobby wifes.

i did not wait for the second wave, i ran right at them, roundhouse after roundhouse, the fight seemed to last for ages, but in reality, no more than 2 minutes. paul was screaming in the centre of the road, i booted one lad in the head, and elbowed another, and like a scene from saving private ryan, dragged my wounded mate to the side of the road, all the time taking hits, on his behalf.

the police turned up, as per usual, when the fight was over, wankers. the ambulance took dudge, we all knew it was bad, but hey? lee fought well, as did my wife and dianne, the dozen or so 5/10 ers, all ran out the back of the pub, over the toilet wall. i shall never forgive them,if only they had helped out, dudge would never have had that triple fracture, and six months off work.

a few broken knuckles,black eyes and a sore rib is all i suffered, the cowards will suffer forever

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