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this is me
this is me

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


its time wenger put his hand in his pocket. his philosophy seems to be, i did it my way. well, i have news for you arsen, you need a little help. his point blank refusal to buy a few stars has been his downfall, in the last five years, the gunners have found they are in a position to challenge the prems elite 2 or 3 times, but injuries to key players meant they fell short. its all well and good if you could buy cheap and succeed, but why not use the resources available.

get out there, buy ozil,tevez,messi,kaka etc, break the bank, and win some trophy's. the model he is using has failed, its time for a change

watching the gooners these days is so predictable, yes they play like brazil------- with no end product. they are parenial second basers. the supporters need more. if only wenger went out and bought an aging striker, or a peter cech? if only?????? he frustrates me by not spending. i think he will look back on his career and say, if only?
then he may start singing frank sinatra'a "my way"
he has built a team of choir boys, all great players, all skillful but also delicate and highly injury prone. true they have the odd tough guy.......................................................trying to think of one now? every team needs a keane,viera,diouf,barton,fergason? you know what i mean,when the going gets tough, these men put their foot on the ball, then headbutt some poor cu nt. but its what is needed
omg, stuart pearce is coming up for the corner or that type of player. it used to get teams unnerved. i am a closet fan of all footy, but he needs to have a rethink. man utd could have their worst season for years, an un- thinkable 4th

1st chelsea
2nd arsenal
3rd man city
4th man utd
5th spurs
6th toffees
7th villa
8th fulham
9th pool
10th brum
11th rovers
12th sunderland
13th toon
14th bolton
15th blackpool
16th stoke
17th west ham
18th wigan
19th wolves
20th west brom

this is how it will finish according to the gospel of bd

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