this is me

this is me
this is me

Saturday, 19 June 2010


its so easy for the gutter press to jump all over the team and manager.if i were sat watching and listening to the vile vitriol? coming from the lard ass media, my motivation levels would dissapear. post mortem should be carried out after death. true, we were not at our best. imo, we played to defensive, barry holding and heskey holding,its the italian way. this system has produced results for years but for sure, he will now attack slovinia.i would love to see 3 strikers and outright attack, but the team have not gelled. make no mistake, capello is a great manager,we will qualify,just wish they could be left to get on with it.what good comes from the guter press lies and slander.they did deserve to be booed, the fans payed for that privilage. they are big lads and can take it.

has everyone forgot how we qualified,also algeria played like brasil


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