this is me

this is me
this is me

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

funny game

-7 months
my wife and i(well just her) decided to end living as a married couple,and to cement this new regime, i was made to sleep in the spare room........

-3 months
remarks like, "why not take the hint" and fuck off? "stop sponging off me" think i used a teabag, and far worst, some hot water!

-3 weeks
i moved into my brothers flat

its like fort Apache the Bronx around this area, the police have bodyguards. it ain't what i have become accustomed to.i fear for my car,its only a matter of time before they work out i am not an undercover cop, and then, the car will get it.i spent two days cleansing the flat when i moved in, my brother is such a slob, it would take a year to get it anywhere near.ungrateful bastard i may be, but their you go.

as for the x, it seems we are now X's, i treat her like a princess for 30 years, then one day, the money ran good luck to her. as for me, it seems business has picked up, its only a matter of time till i order my next new car, maybe an Aston martin? you never know. my inventions have attracted world wide interest, my poker skills will come back,arbs,footy is not the limit

it was shite on the way down, but now i am on the way up, and have found the perfect partner to share the rest of my life, every time i look in the mirror. being married(failed) has left a bitter taste,however, living alone has its rewards(kicked my brother out)i get to watch what i want,eat what and when i choose, come and go at my leisure,maybe look up some lucky lady, although, i ain't inundated with offers(i hear cheryl cole is single?)

it really is a funny old game

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