this is me

this is me
this is me

Sunday, 4 April 2010

i knew,she knew, i knew,she knew i knew

never underestimate the power of flattery.i saw a girl i had not seen in years at blackpool on friday night,on one of my excursions from the tables(i like a stroll around) i spotted her leaving the bar. the brief encounter began.

how you doin, (nicked a line off joey)i get the first smile, she likes corny.i'm fine neil, how bout you? all the better for bumping into you. my god! you are getting younger,stop it, no, you this point, the killer punch had to be delivered. how old? come on really, have you hit the big three zero yet?the giggle, the uncontrollable giggle(i'm in)not far off neil, thats all i'll say. she was with her husband/boyfriend, not sure, so i slipped her my number, and thats that.

the thing is, hear in lies the dilemma. she invited me and the wife to her 30th at darwen golf club, 4/5 years ago. i did not attend. but she knew, i knew her age, yet she was happy for us to exchange bullshit. maybe she thought i had forgot, and treat it as a grey area. just find it amusing how powerful a compliment is.on this occasion, she did look mint,i will be seeing her soon.

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