this is me

this is me
this is me

Monday, 22 February 2010

a strange breed

women, what a strange breed you are. was round at a mates last night, drinking beer,having a J, playing poker,laughing out loud. we were in his office, at the bottom of the stairs(nick mac)he came back from the loo, and said, she has a face like a sour apple......LOL i had heard that one before, but not for ages. i tend to use the old, face like a slapped ass.

when i'm hungry, i say something like i am hungry, or when i'm sleepy, i say i'm tired me you know, and when i'm cold, guess what, well i'm sure you can guess. but with women, how are you supposed to know, they never say anything, you gotta guess. whats up, are you hungry?do you need some attention? why not open your mouth and tell us. is it worth the effort? i just don't know.

relationships should have a sell by date, upon meeting the girl of your dreams, take a look 5 or 10 years down the line and the picture changes. do you think for one second, in 10 years, she will be a quarter as rude in the sack, will she still be hitting the gym four nights a week,will she be using your shaver, and not just for her legs,women grow tashes age like a good wine, and as the years pass, tend to improve,esp especially their communication skills(i am hungry), women on the other hand,they prefer the telepathy method. this is when to minds communicate without the use of words, unfortunatly, men have not got the receivers switched on just yet, so the messages are not getting through ladies. as a species, women are a million years ahead, we men have some catching up to do

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