this is me

this is me
this is me

Saturday, 27 February 2010

the spetrum, part 1

whats the difference, whats right, whats wrong? i know men, who would think nothing of slitting your throat, i also know men who weep at a sad bullies, who make kids school days a misery, the cock of the school, who would not hurt anyone, unless pushed. some think its fine to lead a life of thieving,others become saints, you get the picture.

the church, the government, our parents, all teach, and all give guide lines. they tell us how we should act, they lay down laws,draw lines in the sand, and woe betide, just dare and cross them.

in the not to distant past, we ate our food raw, because we were hunter/ the not to distant past, if you crossed the line, you were murdered in cold blood(later known as sentenced to death) without trial. i think i know good from bad,wrong from right, but i am beginning to question myself. for example, who am i to say, the yanks were wrong to torture terror suspects?who am i to say abortion is wrong?who am i to say anything? i have my opinions on how life should be, and if everyone lived by my rules, then what a crazy world this would be. the thing is, why should we live by anyones rules?

its all about control..............tbc

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