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this is me
this is me

Saturday, 27 February 2010

retro post

time of the month
by bigusdikus » Mon Feb 16, 2009 2:06 pm

was at the gym near town today,jjb.i go most had a real good work out and left at about 1pm,walked through town to pick my car up. stoped for a pie then moved i finished my pie i chucked the remains at a bin,part of the paper missed.two police women spotted the incident and both looked at me as if to say well come on pick it up.they stood with arms folded and gave me a dirty look.i was going to pick it up but did not like there attitude so i carried on walking.they soon caught up with me."excuse me"...EXCUSE i turned and said go on then tell me off.the hobbie bobby got on her high horse and spouted public order, litter and some other bull.i just lol.i could see they were getting annoyed.anyhoo they told me to go back and pick up this small piece of here's what happened next
what do you two think you are gonna do if i dont.the actual police woman threatened to arrest me.i then said well look girls i'm 42 just been to the gym and i'm knackered but if you can catch me i'll let you arrest me.
they looked at each other bemused,and sort of in a if to say well what do we do now.i stolled off at a brisk pace,then one made a lunge for me so i was on my toes.i sprinted for about 10 yards and it was all over

i might sound like a bit of a *bleep*.the fact is i had every intention of picking the litter up.until these two pathetic excuses for a police force gave me of them was clearly over weight and the other was a fat *bleep*.thats why the persuit lasted only seconds.i pay there wages to fight crime and uphold the law catch the odd criminal.these girls could not catch a cold,or fight there way out of a paper must have been that time of the month.lard ass police women are a jok

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