this is me

this is me
this is me

Friday, 26 February 2010

poker truth

the debate on whether or not we played out a poker hand right, or wrong?here's an example..........
average chips=25k you have 16k
you are BB with KK blinds are 1k 2k,its all folds ........
dealer button makes it 5k. he has 33k..SB folds and you RR to 10k, he calls
flop A J 2 off, check check,turn J, you check, he bets 6k you call, reluctantly,
he shows J2 for a full, omg, ffs. you called a reraise with jack deuce, you fuckin raised with that shit?

from the BB point of view, it was played to perfection, you did not put him on an ace, and were right, you slow played um perfect, you did nothing wrong.

the dealer button was thinking steal, he did not expect the reraise, but thought wtf, looking at the BB as the short stack, knowing he will be in no matter what, got lucky.

the reality is, if you are a short stack, or constantly find you are low on chips, its because you are shit, and what do you expect. you are gonna get called with bad cards. i am forever hearing people whinge on about getting ACES beat, or how can sm1 make such a call? ffs i raised 6 times the BB, and you called with that shit????????
the reasons people usually call are
1 you are shit
2 you are short stack
3 several bad plays
4 you are a rock(they know what hand you have)

so to summerise, change your game, stop moaning, get a life... write a bad beat book lol

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