this is me

this is me
this is me

Thursday, 18 February 2010

not bad work

was in town today at 1030am, on my way to see a man,about a dog, when i bumped into an old school friend. well, to be honest, he shouted at me as i was passing the st jonhs tavern, a town centre pub, frequented by the local lushes. NEIL,NEIL! you got a light pal. hello shaun, how are you,a nd ffs mate, how many have you had? he was on his "second pint" we chatted about the school days and other bullshit. he explained, he was a registered alcoholic. i knew he had a drink problem, i also knew he had not worked in 10 years, at the same time thinking, i had an appointment(to see that man)that i had just missed. without pressing him, he explained, he gets £331 per week plus his house,rate,gas,electric,traveling expenses, all provided by the labour gorernment.

as i pondered this conundrum, a few quick calculations later, i realised, to live his life, i would have to earn £42,000pa,gross. all this is paid for by the tax payer. what a world we live in. not bad work? if you can get it

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