this is me

this is me
this is me

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

how could i forget

just got back from snowy blackburn, bought a new suit for sunday, my granddaughters christening, and i just gotta say, i'll be looking the dogs bollox. its not that often i get the chance to ware a suit, so i thought i would make the effort. its not an armani, but it will do. shoe's, shirt and tie completed the outfit, and the gentlmans fitter in the shop, said the cut was perfect for my frame?

making my way back to the car, i spotted a familiar face, if i said maggie may(rod stewart)this may give you an image of how she looked. hello,how are you? hmmmmmm, hi neil,you have forgot my name have'nt you?hmmmm, its? its, she said, i wont torture you, its lindsay, ah yes, i would have got it(eventially)we exchanged pleasentries, and moved on. as i did move on, i thought, jees, she has aged, the moring son, when its in her face, always showed her age.

lindsay was a strange girl/woman, i remember her from my sutties days. i always knew it was nailed on, but the fact she was so hard to work out, plus i was with angela at the time, nothing ever came of it. she was, and still is ten years my elder. she reminded me of sharon stone, except, she cant afford the surgery. lindsay, in a way, stalked me, in so much as, she would stand across the dance floor, giving me the come on, but i could never understand why. why was this absolute darlin giving me the eye. plus, i could never work out who she was with, a bit scary.

as i got back to the car, i realised, oh my god, i nailed her, i had knocked the back out of her one night, and how could i forget?i had been down sutties, looking for the wifes new boyfriend, blood was to be spilt, and she took advantage, in a moment of weakness, but how could i forget. the fact is she scared me, she was older,beautiful and what the hell she saw in a spotty 20 odd year old, i just dunno. its just mad. she had hunted me down for years, and like a mounty, she got her man, in the end.

the thing is, i overheard a conversation my daughter was having, thats overheard, not to be mistaken for eavsdropping. she said her friend was talking to some guy on facebook, he intimated he would like to get together once more, once more in the biblical sense, she said she could not remember doing him the first time? and shes only 23.(so maybe i'm not alone) the girl does not strike me as a bed hopper, or even a drunk, so it really is a funny old game.
and how is it they can always remember your name?

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