this is me

this is me
this is me

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

the good news is

seriously, i think my poker days are over,(for now) went to bolton last night, played a £20 tourney, which is dragging the barrel for me. did not play bad, but as per usual, found myself at the bar, didn't even have the heart to chat the waitress up(sorry danielle) did not play loose,or tight, mixed it up. must be the opposite the invisible man at the moment, transparent.
the fact is, some will say i was always crap, well its official, i am. i've lost my pojo, (not mojo, don't worry ladies ) god knows how i will get it back.not to long ago, i had the beast in my sights, unstoppable, fearless, refused to take advice, played how i wanted, and still will not change.lesser men would? i dunno

the fact is this, i spoke to a well known, formally well respected, legend of the game, tv personality, once feared poker pro only a couple of weeks back. i told him to kick some ass, as he sat down to play, i think he lost. fuc kkkkk me,(as per usual) do i not wanna go down that road. i am easy pickings at the moment, i have a sign on my head saying, free cash withdrawals here. only pussies take a break.

super system, great book, taught me a lot. don't recall to much about pot odds, or calling fow value, strategy, game theory, in fact, i could have told you that lot, what i do remember is, don't play beyond your means, don't play when you are unwell, don't play when you have argued with the wife. top advice doyle

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