this is me

this is me
this is me

Sunday, 10 January 2010

x+y= the dominant species

met this gorgeous young lady once, after a couple of sherbets, she revealed, by the time i'm 23, i want to meet mr right, by the age of 25 i want to be married, 26 my first baby, all the time this is happening, she wanted to complete her law degree.a fascinating in-site, into the mind of a woman. this was not an isolated incident, i have delved into womens minds on many an occasion, and can conclude, they are the master race. i have hit the big 4 zero, and the world is my oyster, may have listened more, but thats the way i am. i don't know where i'll be tomorrow, never mind 10 years down the line, i get the idea, they pick a place they realistically want their life to go, them nothing will stop them from getting to that place. its like a mathematical formula, x+y-2z =the place i need to be. do not get in their way, they are prepared to go to extra-ordinary lengths to achieve their goals.

of course men think they are in control, having lived with four women,(still remember the sycronised periods) i beg to differ. they do say, behind every great man(whoever they are)there is always a greater woman. i do believe men are better at certain jobs,soldiers,bouncers,long distance lorry drivers,brick layers... the list goes on. what gets up my nose, are the stupid little feminine bitches, who get it in their heads, they can compete, if i want to be a (for example) fireman, then i'll show them. how does a demur, 5'6 slip of a lass, expect to carry a 16 stone bloke down a ladder, it ain't happening. they become the token female, in this crazy world of equality. its time they took stock, women have come a long way in the 100 years, its time they learnt their place, you are the master race, you have reached the top, now leave the men to pretend we are in charge, and don't upset the equilibrium any more.

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