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this is me
this is me

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

wooton basset

it seems another muslim cleric is making a name for himself? anjam choudry has compared the british army to nazi's. he also threatens to parade empty coffins through the streets of wooton basset. in his eyes, the british army are war criminals.

i have several friends and relatives in the armed forces, i hope i can speak for them when i say, they are carrying out orders, they are doing the job they have trained for, they are putting their lives on the line, just so people like anjam can sleep safe at night, he can walk the street without being attacked. the soldiers are not to blame. war is horrid, unpleasant,abhorent yet necessary.agree or not, we have elected leaders to decide if we go to war or stay at home.blame the leaders of this country, and not the courageous, brave, honerable troops.

in the clerics defense, if he could have one, he believes it is wrong for the british army to be at war with his fellow countrymen in afghan and iraq. if this man had any honour, he would make his views heard in those counries. he clearly has no honour, as one news report suggested he claimed £41000 in benifits in the last two years. so in one hand he condems the british, in the other hand he leeches of the state.

i agree, the wars are illegal, why not direct his hate at prime ministers, past and present.lets hope the tax payer does not foot the bill for police protection, if they do decide to parade through the streets of wooton basset. maybe these hate mongers should be made to join the armed forces, and pledge their alliegiance to the union jack, or get the hell out????????

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