this is me

this is me
this is me

Monday, 11 January 2010


stood at the bar one night, talking to a very wise man, well, to be honest, i never really had him down for being wise, in fact, he was an ex junkie, and part of the mill hill mob. they were a funny lot, that mill hill mob, the good, the bad and the thieving bullying bastards. but anyway, their days were numbered, and they seemed to be mellowing.

he had had a few, or maybe he was stoned, this is how it went..... imagine you are at the zoo, looking over the lion pit, taking photo's with your wife and child, what would you do if your child fell in? i'll tell you what you would do(before i could get a word in edge ways) you would be right in there fighting the lions, and saving your child, without any thought for your own well being, am i right? he poked, am i?... of course he was on the money, and i answered a resounding yes. he gave me the old i told you so, i knew you'd say that, all the time my wife to be, stood by my side, happy that i had got the right answer, and i should hope you would. ahhhh! ahhhh, he beckoned us closer,a bit like a Fagin character, now then, what would you do, if your wife fell in? of course, once again, (i had no idea it was a rhetorical question)as quick as a flash, he said, I'll tell you what you would do, cupping his hands, help, help, can somebody help my wife, please.
he then finished his pint in one, and without saying a word, left the club.

lesson learnt, me and my future wife looked at each other, what the hell does he know? i would save you, oh no you would not, i can tell by the look on your face(wish i had my poker face back then) he was right, well ?????????? stretching bear, that's a long pause lol. look, it will never happen, but if it did, i promise, i will save you.

drunk? stoned? wired? the guy had talent

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