this is me

this is me
this is me

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

iraq inquiry

it seems one key witness is missing, Saddam Hussein. he was hunted down and murdered, like an animal. i have little sympathy for him, as he was clearly a murderer himself. what separates the butcher of bagdad, to the butchers of Washington/downing st? bush and Blair, fabricated stories of WMD's, and are responsible for thousands of deaths, on both sides.would it be so wrong, to make these two take a lie detector test?

To these men, life seems cheap. would the Iraq's people say life is good, now Saddam is gone?it seems simple to me, they are still living in a dictatorship, they just can't put their finger on who it is these days. who owns the oil? who owns the land? what right did the British government have to interfere in this land, and who will we target next? clearly, war makes certain people very wealthy, and certain people very poor,in more ways than pure finances

please give your comments on this, and i will expand

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