this is me

this is me
this is me

Tuesday, 28 December 2010


leeds/spurs double
southampton/bristol city
4x treble,1x acc

Sunday, 26 December 2010


man u/leicester/double
hartlepool @ 9/2 are worth a gamble

Monday, 20 December 2010

the marathon

back in the day, i used to do quite a lot of running. my foreman(george) got me into it. at the time, i was playing football 5 times a week, but had spare energy.i eventually got the running shoes on, and off i went, about half a mile down the canal, and then back. it was a different kind of exercise, and was proper fucked. the day after, i managed the same run, without stopping, but still quite knackered.

i was soon entering 10k road races, and under pressure from george, half marathons i did manage a couple of sub 40min 10k's, and not a bad half marathon time of 98 minutes, but the boss wanted me to do london. he had been pushing me to do it for 2 years, and i finally agreed in 96? i think, the nutrasweet.i got in on some other guys entry, who had broke his leg.

i trained hard, but the furthest i had run, by january, was 19 miles. georgre said i would be fine, only another 7 miles, and the cheering crowd would aid me to the finish. i was shitting it.

three weeks before london, i got hit hard on the astro turf, i had been warned not to play any footy leading up to the race, but i loved it. the injury was bad, my left knee. george advised total rest, and then see how i feel in 10 days. so when i did a 5 miler, 10 days on, i thought i had got away with it. he told me, the amount of training i had done for the past few years, would see me through.

we caught the train down on the friday, and checked into our hotel. we got our selves ready, and out on the town. not to many, but a good night, followed by a morning run, 3 mile max.the saturday night, we attended a pasta party, which adds stamina

sunday, back pack ready, we headed to the start. the back pack went on a lorry, and was taken to the finish area.the conditions were perfect,lite rain, not to warm. i took on lots of water, and cruised through the first 10 mile. i stopped for a piss at 3/6 and 12 mile. the last stop at 12 miles, i realised something was wrong. i looked down, to see the left knee swelling.i soldiered on, but at 15 mile, i stopped at a st johns. i was hoping for some magic spray, but the nurse told me straight, sorry love, your race is that it? is it my choice? can you stop me? the st johns guy said no, but strongly advised against continuing.

being a smart ass, know it all, i did. i jogged and limped to 19.5 miles, then the knee gave was pretty fucked by now, and i felt at an all time low. i had my rovers top on, and the crowd had been havin some top banter with me,cheering me on.........i was gutted.

i manage to get the tube to the finish, where i had to rejoin the runners for the last half mile, so i could collect my kit. i think the crowd, the occasion and the last of my adrenalin, made me jog through the finish, at a respectable 3 hours 41 mins.

as i went through, 2 of the volunteers came rushing towards me, a sexy milf, and 20 something geek. she kissed me on the cheek, and said well done, then clapped me?he put the medal around my neck, hold on, i told her right away, sorry doll, i got injured, i only did 19.5. she looked me in the eye and said, look, keep the medal, no one will ever know........with a tear in my eye, i took it off, and said, i'll fuckin know.

what would you have done?

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


come on, shaktar donesk and bayern munich, make me some money

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

the season so far

as i said on the forum, the ashes are in the bag.
spurs are a good e/w for the prem at 50/1
my qpr bet at 11/1 looks happy days
once lampard comes back, chelsea will be a new team, and should win the prem
cant believe liverpool have not changed their manager...YET?


i really fancy

barca/utd tonight

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

fight part 2

part 2

the place
millstone pub, darwen.darwen is like burnleys little brother,your mums your dad, your dads your mum, and its ok to fuck your sister.population, around 30,000, and not a nice place to live
the time
sunday afternoon,summer 2004, 4.30/5pm ish

i had been out with one of my best mates, ricepud. a hardened drinker,womaniser and royal marine.had no idea of his fighting ability, just presumed he was hard. anyway,we were walking through the pub, when he turned to this guy, who was minding his own business, and said, you look like a fuckin monkey, this guy then head butted rice and drew blood. i then staemed in with a right, then a left, then found myself on my back. i quickly got to my feet, round two...i dropped my left shoulder, and connected with a right, then another right with a left to the body, in between.then found myself on my back again.

at this point,the bouncers grabbed the guy as i got to my feet. he was bleeding, i got him with the right. rice was just stood there laughing, and bleeding. come on he said, lets get out of here. he grabbed my arm, and said, we'll use the other door. fuck that, i wanna finish the cunt. he took me through the other door, and explained, he sparked you twice you daft cunt, lets get out.

i watched as the guy walked away, holding his nose, we decided on the opposite direction.what did you say that for rice? he looked at me and said, well? he did look like a monkey

in a small town, news travels fast. in the next pub, i met herman and scott, two really hard mother fuckkers. they asked if it was me who just broke walshies nose? guess so, why? who is he i asked? they then went on to explain, he is a hard cunt, and coming from them, it made my cheeks clench. i asked them to have a word, and apologize on my behalf, which worked, thank fuck.

the truth was, i was that pissed, i didn't feel a thing, until the day after, he had only hit me twice, and knocked me down both times, quality guy imo.

cant really class this as a loss, maybe a draw? but ain't ever gonna look for a rematch, this guy walshy, was the real deal

Snow.. The only time 4 inches can make a girl excited.