this is me

this is me
this is me

Monday, 30 August 2010

scum bags

cheating Pakistani team, in my opinion should serve a custodial, they are total scum. they should never be allowed on a cricket field ever again, there is no question the are scum bag cheats.

the brain dead blackpool manager says, i am glad my team lost after exiting the carling cup, try explaining that to all the people who had money on the premiership team to win in 90 minutes.of coures the same can be said for other managers, wolves decided to through the game at old trafford last year

formula 1 is a farce these days, team orders my ass

rugby has its problems, fake blood, wtf is going on there

i could go on, snooker, darts, horse racing, what chance has the punter got? we study form for hours and hours, then the form is turned on its head by low life atheletes. we pay their wages, LETS STOP ... i for one have had enough, i will not be rushing to watch the england team under perform ever again. we only get one life, some of us choose fiction, and some non fiction, its like watching the wrestling in the 80's, complete farce, and we knew it

Friday, 13 August 2010

a question of honour

the talk on another thread is of degenerate gamblers, the ones who have cleaned out their mates, for what some perceive to be large sums of money. i have talked on this subject before, imho, a man is man, and should have the ability to hold his head high wherever he may go. the guys in question, even though i hardly know them, have lost that right.

the poker community is very small,especially when it comes to rumours,bad beats,punches in the eye. anything you do or say, will be reported, that night or the next day. my advice, neither a lender, nor a borrower be(some1 famous once said that?) i have once, maybe twice, i dunno,have been paid in, and it changes my game, i have also played beyond my means, which also changes my ability to make the right call. i play my A game when in my comfort zone..........
happy at home
money in the bank
well dressed
in good health etc.

its a mans game, maybe i could have been a stu unger, however, i am not prepared to stoop to his depths. their are players on the circuit i respect and some i do not,i find the latter easy pickings

Thursday, 12 August 2010


its a funny old game, life that is.knowing a friends perfect marriage is not as perfect as it seems, after finding out his faithful wife, aint as faithful as we all thought. to reveal such information would end the marriage,to remain silent, would be a betrayal...........dilema