this is me

this is me
this is me

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

the wrong answer

had a walk down to my local spar this morning, needed some power food, its a fair lick from my house, but i needed the exercise.upon arrival, out of the corner of my eye, i spotted an old acquaintance, unsure of the reception i may receive, i sheepishly continued to scrutinise those pesky eggs, free range, or not free range, that is the question? hmmmm she edged closer. theres only a set amount of time one can spend looking at eggs. at last, she arrived, well hello, how are you? before she could get a word in, i chucked in a "you're still as gorgeous as ever" her shoulders droped,she relaxed into the conversation, hi neil, long time no see, the truth was, she was not looking her best, i had surmised she had just got up herself, and was wearing emergency make-up only.

her name was Dina, i had met her several years ago when my wife introduced her to me. she worked with the wife on an equal footing, but i had the idea, Dina had her eye's on bigger things, she was going places.(i wonder if she got there) so, how things with you? and what are you doing back around here? (slow down Neil, one question at once) she went on to explain, she had got that big job in Manchester, she was getting to where she wanted in life, the thing was, having bought a place just outside Manchester, it was taking her 45 minutes to get to work, and an hour to get home, every day, so she was searching for a new home, close to a railway station, so that she could commute, she then went on, houses are cheaper here, i know people, etc,etc etc...yada,yada yada, lets get to the point Dina.

the only thing i needed to know was, was she still with Phil? Phil the rugby player, Phil the, i own a Ferrari, Phil the, if you look at my bird like that again, there will be trouble(bring it on) the guy was an ass, we never saw eye to eye, ever since the xmas kiss incident.... rumour had it, i had given dina a xmas smacker, and he was fuming, in fact, he was six foot six of pure fuming aggression. following the rumoured incident, the phones went wild, the wife had to be run through word for kiss, just what went on, i needed to defuse the situation, for Dina's made my way right over to Phil,who i knew would be in our local boozer,and who i could see was not to happy, i made a public apology, in front of the whole crowd(out of character for me)before he could say a word ... situation De fused

the night of the kiss, i had bumped into Dina on her works xmas party, she was merry, but not drunk, my wife had gone home(allegedly) through a crowded pub, she made a b-line for me, and it was she who inisuated the kiss, it was she, who dragged me off away from the rest of her friends, and it was she who had suggested we get a hotel. so Phil was way off line, but i did the right thing, for her sake. she was so gorgeous, and a lot younger than me.

so, are you still with the sulk?(euphemism for the hulk-- why he did not like me calling him that?) no, no, no(thats 3 no's, i think she's trying to make a point?) that ended 8 years ago, he was an ass, tell me about it, i quipped, then said, well don't waist your breath on that plonker, i'd rather talk for the next ten minutes about your eye's(god i still got it) giggle,giggle.

this is my point, before i write a mills and boon.i knew she was younger, and if i had to bet on the exact age, 37 would be my educated and informed opinion.i'm saying this, because the subject was broached. Dina was a university graduate, she had a degree in physiology,business diploma and some law thing, that i can't quite put a name to. the girl was smart. yet i knew, when those words left her lips, well, how old do you think i am? the correct answer was no longer 37, women want to be flattered, they don't care if you get this wrong, and i only had a milli second to respond. wow, i think, around..... 31? 32? oh my god, don't tell me i have insulted you, you're thirty aren't you. Neil, thats close enough, she whipered.

vanity, cost's lives, its something i will never understand. even the most educated ice maiden, melts with a few choice words. this is a subject i will expand on in future

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