this is me

this is me
this is me

Sunday, 10 January 2010

surprise surprise

their are players who i respect, their are players whom i am apprehensive about, and others who i believe will never make a final table, because they just do not grasp the concepts of the game. on occasion, you will see one of these donks on a final table, usually the explanation is thus..... he had aces 8 times, he went all in on a gut shot and hit, fuck me he got lucky. they need a lot of help, where as, you see the usual suspects at the final, and you just know how they did it.

i saw the final of the world series, and how the guy who finished second ever got, i have no idea. reminds me of the classic luck donk. living the dream, but thats poker, otherwise we would not keep the numbers up

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  1. fair point on lucky finalists,but i'll tell you something i'd love to be that 2nd place finisher in wsop main event,i'd enjoy it just as much if i played the best poker ever or card racked and lucked my way to would be hell of a ride either way and hell of a prize to need bucketfulls of good luck in that event these days,skill alone won't win it?even ivey must have ran good at some point?


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